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Streamer Sponsorships: Opportunities for Small, Mid-Size, and Big Channels [2022]

This gaming / streaming sponsorships page is dedicated for streamers or gamers of all sizes. Whether you’re looking for sponsors for a small, medium, or large channel, we’re sure you’ll find interesting ones on this ultimate list.

For some, being a streamer is just seen as a hobby. They have no other intention except to play their favorite games and broadcast playthroughs to the fans. 

But with how the streaming industry has been progressing in the past few years, it has become increasingly lucrative for streamers and sponsors. 

Due to the massive audience, it makes a perfect platform to promote products and services. 

Companies see that, so they invite streamers to work with them. 

There are several types of sponsorships available, such as streamer sponsorships and affiliate programs. 

A streamer sponsorship requires an applicant to meet certain requirements set by the company before they can be approved as a partner. 

An affiliate program, on the other hand, requires an applicant to promote the company’s products for some commission. 

Commissions are usually given on sales generated. 

But, are sponsorships worth it? 

Yes, of course. if you consider streaming as a job, then this could be a revenue stream for you.

Gaming and Twitch Sponsorship Application [Opportunities in 2022]

Twitch is one of the most popular streaming platforms for gamers. Anyone who can make it big there would be rewarded with significant revenue. 

If you have a large user base, your monetization options will also increase dramatically. Besides, it’s easier to find sponsors to help cover costs. 

Sponsorships provide many benefits. Not only can you receive support in the form of products and cash, you’ll also be featured in the sponsors’ sites, which means more exposure for you. 

They also get exposure from being promoted on your channel. There are some options to approach a sponsor. You can do it manually by submitting an application. 

Just go to a sponsorship page, fill out the form, and wait until they get back to you in the coming days or weeks. 

Since there are many programs available, you can send multiple applications to different brands. The second option is to wait until they contact you. 

If your channel has grown immensely, it’s about time until sponsors notice and comes to you.

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Twitch Affiliate Sponsors [Streamer Sponsorship List 2022]

A. Computer Sponsorships for Gamers

Gaming PCs are known for their expensive prices, but that’s because these machines are created to meet the needs of the average gamer. 

In order to run graphics-intensive games smoothly, you’d need a desktop PC with high specs. 

And you can pay a few thousand for that, which may put a strain on your finances especially if you’re at the beginning of your career. 

Finding a sponsor can be a solution although it is not easy. You have to show them why you deserve it. 

There are two types of gaming PCs, custom and prebuilt. Some manufacturers specialize in building custom PCs. 

Landing a deal with this type of company will allow you to get your hands on a superb custom PC.

CompanyTypeOffered toCompensation
XidaxAffiliate ProgramStreamers, Influencers3% Commission
Origin PCAffiliate ProgramGamersCommission
AlienwareAffiliate ProgramStreamers, Gamers1-6% Commission
CyberPowerPCSponsorshipStreamers, InfluencersVaries
DigitalStormSponsorshipStreamers, InfluencersVaries
Ironside ComputersSponsorshipStreamersVaries
MainGearSponsorship and AffiliateStreamersSpecial benefits
NZXTAffiliateStreamers, Influencers8% and other benefits

B. Hardware Sponsorships for Gamers

The reason why a gaming machine can cost so much is that the individual components are also expensive. 

Hence, if you manage to secure a deal with a hardware manufacturer, you wouldn’t need to spend a lump sum on a system. 

There are many things installed in a computer, such as a motherboard, RAM, storage, graphics card, etc. 

All are placed in housing known as a case. 

Some manufacturers sell a variety of items, so there’s no need to enter into several partnerships to have access to different types of hardware. 

Just one can cover everything, but of course, you also need to give something in return. 

Hardware sponsorships are highly competitive as many people are trying to get attention from companies. 

Be upfront with your intentions and improve your stats because information like followers is often asked in a form.

CompanyTypeOffered toCompensation
NetdumaSponsorshipStreamers, Team VariesVaries
FinalmouseAffiliateStreamers, Gamers25% Commission Rate
Floating GripSponsorship, AffiliateStreamers, Influencers15% Commission, Giveaways
HyperXSponsorshipStreamers, YouTubersVaries
TesoroSponsorshipTeams, InfluencersVaries
Tt eSPORTSSponsorshipTeams, GamersVaries
NVIDIAAffiliate ProgramStreamersCommission
Viper GamingSponsorshipGamers, Streamers, TeamsDiscount codes, gear, affiliate links
AVerMediaSponsorshipStreamers, GamersVaries
Cooler MasterSponsorshipStreamers, GamersVaries
CorsairSponsorship, AffiliateStreamersVaries
OnFire GamingAffiliate ProgramStreamers, GamersCommission and other benefits
LogitechSponsorshipStreamers, InfluencersVaries
MSI GamingSponsorshipStreamers, GamersVaries
NETGEARSponsorshipsGamers, TeamsVaries
RazerSponsorship, AffiliateStreamers20% Commission, Special Offers

C. Graphics Sponsorships for Gamers

Combining intelligence and creativity is what graphic design is all about. 

Visuals play a big role in promotion as they influence consumers’ decisions. 

Products and brands that are presented with nice visuals are more likely to gain trust from buyers. 

This has led many companies to provide graphics design products and services to those who want to improve their brand value. 

If you’re on the lookout for a sponsorship in this niche, you can consider one of these options:

CompanyTypeOffered toCompensation
Streamlabs PrimeAffiliate ProgramStreamersCommission
Visuals by ImpulseAffiliate ProgramStreamers, InfluencersVaries
PlaceitAffiliate ProgramStreamers, InfluencersCommission
FiverrAffiliate ProgramStreamers, InfluencersVaries
Own3DAffiliate ProgramStreamers, InfluencersUp to 30% Commission
Nerd or DieAffiliate ProgramStreamers, InfluencersUp to 30% Commission

D. Gaming Headset Sponsorships for Streamers

The convenience of having a microphone and a headset in one product is the primary reason gamers choose a gaming headset.

You could, of course, purchase a separate microphone, but this would require dealing with an additional wire and more connections.

Some people believe that a standalone microphone’s quality is superior to gaming headset microphones.

That was probably true a few years ago. As gaming headsets’ microphone and audio quality have improved in recent years, these headsets have become a popular option for many professional gamers.

You can even use a gaming headset as a regular everyday headset, which is useful for listening to music, Skype conversations, and voice dictation in addition to gaming. Many people consider gaming headsets to be the jack-of-all-trades. They work with both your portable and home setups.

Are you interested in getting one for free? Who doesn’t like free stuff, right?

If you are a good gamer or streamer, you may obtain one if you work with a brand. We have compiled a list of gaming headset sponsors who are currently available. Take a look to see if any of them are a good fit for you.

CompanyTypeOffered toCompensation
ASTROAffiliate ProgramStreamers, Gamers5% Commission and Perks
BoseAffiliateStreamers2-3% Commission
Turtle BeachAffiliateStreamers, GamersVaries

E. Gaming Controller Sponsorships for Gamers

Gaming controllers used to be cheap-looking, plasticky and lacked good craftsmanship. 

Today, they are much more developed. Not only do they feature high-quality materials, but they are also designed ergonomically for maximum comfort. 

Holding a controller for hours isn’t a problem because this design ensures that fatigue doesn’t kick in too soon. 

Consoles usually come with their own controller. These original controllers are the best in terms of compatibility and functionality. 

However, there are also third-party products that can be used on different systems. 

Is a controller better than a mouse-keyboard combo? 

It depends on which you’re more accustomed to using. Some people are more comfortable playing with a controller, while others prefer a mouse and a keyboard. 

In case you want a controller for free, look for a sponsorship from a company that creates them.

CompanyTypeOffered toCompensation
ModdedZoneAffiliate ProgramStreamers, Influencers5% Commission
PlaybudzSponsorshipStreamers, GamersVaries
Iconic ControllersSponsorshipStreamersVaries
KontrolFreekAffiliate ProgramGamers, Streamers10% Commission
Battle Beaver CustomsSponsorship, AffiliateStreamers, GamersMerch
Cinch GamingAffiliate ProgramStreamers, Influencers5% Commission in Store Credit
Scuf GamingSponsorshipStreamersVaries
Fatal GripsAffiliate ProgramStreamers, Gamers10% Commission, Merch
Forever GripsAffiliate ProgramStreamers, GamersVaries

F. Gaming Chair Sponsorships for Gamers

Proper lumbar support is paramount if you spend most of the time sitting. 

Since gaming requires you to sit, a gaming chair becomes even more critical. 

It looks quite similar to an office chair, especially with the ergonomic design. 

However, gaming chairs are usually bolder in looks, which is the opposite of office chairs which tend to appear calmer. 

The most important aspect of a gaming chair is the design. It comes with back support to help prevent back problems. 

As we know, sitting with the back slouched is bad as it puts a strain on the muscles and joints. 

A gaming chair can overcome these issues. The best part is it also provides support to other parts of the body, such as the arms and head. 

When it comes to benefits, gaming chairs are clearly superior to stools and couches. 

For this reason, you should invest in one especially if you play on PC. 

Prices vary depending on the material, design, size, etc. You may spend several hundred to thousands on a unit.

CompanyTypeOffered toCompensation
SecretlabSponsorship, AffiliateGamers, Streamers12% commission
TechniSportAffiliate ProgramStreamers, InfluencersCommission and free products
VertagearAffiliate ProgramStreamersCommissions and bonuses
DXRacerAffiliate ProgramStreamers, Influencers5-12% Commission
EwinRacingSponsorship, AffiliateGamers, StreamersSponsorship – varies, Affiliate – 10% and bonuses
AKRacingSponsorship, AffiliateStreamers5% Commission
GT OmegaSponsorship, AffiliateTeams, Streamers5% Commission
Herman MillerAffiliate ProgramStreamers, InfluencersVaries
MAXNOMICSponsorshipTeams, StreamersVaries
OPSEATSponsorship, AffiliateTeams, StreamersVaries, $15 per chair, potential free chair

G. Gaming Glasses Sponsorships for Gamers

Gaming glasses are special glasses designed to reduce the side effects of blue light and glare. 

They can come with clear or tinted lenses. 

Tinted lenses are suitable for gaming as they heighten the contrast, making it easier to differentiate colors. 

Meanwhile, clear lenses are useful for applications where color distortion isn’t desired. 

Those who work as graphic designers or video editors will benefit from them the most. 

The reason why these glasses are necessary for gaming is that glare and blue light are inevitable and they can have a bad impact on eye health. 

Prolonged exposure is linked to problems like digital eye strain and macular degeneration. 

Therefore, it’s important to protect your eyes with this eyewear especially if you train many hours a week. 

Not only do they help prevent vision problems, but they can also delay the onset of eye fatigue, which in turn extends your game time.

CompanyTypeOffered toCompensation
Gamer AdvantageSponsorshipStreamersVaries
ZenniSponsorship, AffiliateTeams, InfluencersVaries, Commission
Gunnar OptiksAffiliate ProgramGaming InfluencersCommission

H. Streaming accessories sponsorships for gamers

Besides hardware, a keyboard, and a mouse, there are other things necessary for a gaming setup. 

A green screen and lighting are some examples. Each one serves a different purpose, so you should buy all of them. 

If you’re lucky, you can get them all through sponsorships. 

For a pro Livestream setting, accessories are highly important. 

They can improve the way you look on camera.

CompanyTypeOffered toCompensation
ElgatoAffiliate ProgramStreamersVaries
WebaroundAffiliate ProgramStreamersVaries

I. Supplement Sponsorships for Gamers

It’s in your best interest to take supplements to support your job.

How do they work?

It depends on the ingredients as each product has a different formulation.

You should read the description to find out how a supplement can help with your gaming performance.

According to those who have tried, supplements help in a number of ways.

They can boost concentration for several hours after consumption.

Some contain ingredients that can protect eye health.

As we know, glare and blue light exposure are inevitable in gaming.

By taking a supplement, you can preserve your vision from the inside.

CompanyTypeOffered toCompensation
Pharmanaut LabsAffiliate ProgramGamers, Streamers25-35% Commission
Brickhouse NutritionAffiliate ProgramGamers, Streamers10-25% Commission
eAthlete LabsAffiliate ProgramGamers, Streamersup to 15%, Discounts

J. Food & Drink Sponsorships for Gamers

Your body is what you eat. 

Just because gaming doesn’t need a lot of physical movement like traditional sports to do doesn’t mean you should be careless about it. 

What you consume will still have an impact on your overall performance. 

The purpose of supplementation is to provide the body with nutrients we can’t get naturally from food. 

However, it’s not supposed to replace food. 

If you aspire to be an eSports player, pay attention to your diet. 

It should consist of balanced nutrients, such as carbs, protein, and fat. Besides, they should also be rich in vitamins and minerals. 

Stay away from junk food because it’s high in calories and lacks essential nutrients. 

Energy drinks can also provide a performance boost. 

Here are some companies you can consider for sponsorships.

CompanyTypeOffered toCompensation
Quest NutritionAffiliate ProgramGamers, StreamersVaries
Viter Energy MintsAffiliate ProgramGamers, StreamersCommission and other benefits
JerkyProAffiliate ProgramTeams, Pro GamersPossible commission and other benefits
JerkyXPAffiliate ProgramGamers, StreamersVaries
Red BullSponsorshipPro GamersVaries
Rogue EnergyAffiliate ProgramGamers, StreamersVaries
Sneak EnergySponsorshipTeams, Pro GamersSpecial benefits
5-Hour EnergySponsorshipPro-Teams, Pro-GamersVaries
eNgageSponsorshipGamers, StreamersVaries
MIXT EnergySponsorship, AffiliateStreamers10% Commission
Player One CoffeeAffiliate ProgramStreamers, Gamers$1 Per Coffee
G FUELSponsorshipStreamersVaries
Gamer SuppsSponsorshipStreamersVaries
Insane LabzAffiliate ProgramStreamersVaries

K. Clothing Sponsorships for Gamers

A team needs a uniform to show unity. 

Every team has its own logo, which is often embroidered or printed on the team’s official uniform. 

Fans are usually inclined to follow what their favorite players are wearing. 

That’s how clothing companies can benefit from this sponsorship. 

Since eSports has seen a surge in popularity in recent years, it will be profitable for companies to get onboard. 

In regards to compensation that teams can get, it varies depending on the agreement. 

Besides apparel support, companies may offer other things as well.

CompanyTypeOffered toCompensation
NerdvanaAffiliate ProgramStreamers, InfluencersCommission, Discount Code
Loot CrateAffiliate ProgramStreamers, InfluencersAbout $10 Commission Per Sale
Meta ThreadsAffiliate ProgramStreamers, Influencers10-20% Commission
IntoTheAmAffiliate ProgramStreamers, Influencers10% commission
J!NXAffiliate ProgramStreamers, InfluencersCommission

L. Miscellaneous Gaming Sponsorship

This applies to sponsorships besides the ones that have been mentioned. 

Broadly speaking, sponsorships come from endemic brands and non-endemic brands. 

Headsets, hardware, mice, and keyboards are some examples of products that are closely related to eSports and gaming in general. 

Thus, companies that make them fall into the endemic category. 

Meanwhile, companies that produce cars and drinks are classified as non-endemic because they aren’t traditionally linked to eSports, but they can still show support and appreciation to the industry. 

There are many of these sponsorships available. 

That said, your stats will be the determining factor for your chances of securing a deal.

CompanyTypeOffered toCompensation
ServerBlendSponsorship, AffiliateStreamers, GamersVaries
EnvavoSponsorship, AffiliateContent Creators7% Commission and other benefits
XSplitSponsorship, AffiliateStreamers10% Commission
AmazonAffiliate ProgramStreamers, InfluencersVaried Commissions
Gamer GooSponsorshipStreamers, InfluencersVaries
Gamer GripSponsorshipGamersVaries
Console Gaming LeagueSponsorshipConsole GamersVaries
Fable Beard CoSponsorshipBearded Gamers, Bearded StreamersVaries
Humble BundleAffiliate ProgramStreamers, Gamers$10 per account

Getting Video Gaming Sponsors and Dealing with Affiliate Programs (FAQs)

streamer sponsorships

1. How do small streamers (channels) get sponsors?

You can either approach sponsors yourself or wait until they reach out to you. 

The first option, to put it plainly, you must visit the official site of a company, locate a sponsorship page, and fill out the form provided. 

Wait until they come back with a reply. If approved, you will know the responsibilities and other points in the agreement. 

The second option is a bit difficult. Unless you’re an established name in the industry, don’t expect sponsors to make the first move. 

Fortunately, some sponsors also welcome up-and-coming streamers, so even if you don’t have the most remarkable stats, it’s still possible to partner with them.

2. What companies sponsor streamers?

Many companies take part in supporting streamers, both endemic and non-endemic. 

The best way to find out is by visiting the official site and locating a page that covers this topic. 

If you can find that, then it means the company is open to collaborating with streamers. 

If not, then it’s likely it has no sponsorships available.

3. How much do sponsors pay streamers?

There’s no fixed rate or compensation since every deal is different. 

To know the benefits an approved participant is eligible for, you should read the information stated on the sponsorship page. 

The benefits vary and highly depend on what the company specializes in. 

If it’s a hardware manufacturer, then expect to get hardware support. 

If it’s a food company, then you’ll get food products among other benefits.

4. How do I get info about gaming sponsorships applications?

There are several options. You can go to websites that list out sponsorships offered by companies. 

Or you can also go to the official sites of companies and look for sponsorship opportunities there. 

The former works if you’re unfamiliar with brands that produce gaming hardware and accessories, while the second option is ideal if you already know the brand names.

5. What makes you a good candidate for sponsorship?

A big following on social media can land you a sponsorship deal. 

While some companies do care for the welfare of streamers and gamers, some also want that their partners help bring attention to their products and services. 

That’s why in some forms, you’d find fields about Twitter and Instagram followers. 

The bigger the following someone has, the broader the audience the company can reach. 

Also, it’s important to show appreciation for the company’s products, like you can use them even before a deal is finalized.

6. Difference between streamer vs. eSports sponsorships?

eSports and streaming are two different worlds. 

eSports is competitive gaming, so those with the best stats are more likely to attract bona fide sponsors. 

Teams have to compete in international leagues and constantly earn good placements to appeal to sponsors. 

The benefits may come in the form of financial, hardware support, etc. 

Streamer sponsorships often target popular streamers and beginners to some extent. 

If you are a streamer, you don’t have to possess great stats to secure a deal. 

Quality content, consistency, and a big following should be good enough.

7. How do I get eSports sponsors?

The best way to attract sponsors is by building your brand. 

When you’re widely acknowledged as a famous streamer or talented player, sponsors will come along with interesting deals. 

The question is, how to do it? 

Just be good at what you’re doing. If you’re a streamer, make good content, update regularly, and interact with your fans to increase the number of followers. 

If you’re a pro player, then progress to high-level competitions and try to earn high placements. 

This way, sponsors will be more interested in working with you.

8. How do I get gaming sponsorships for small teams?

It follows the same process. A small team should also build a brand and put its name out there. 

The purpose is to increase your value, so that sponsors are more enthusiastic to partner with you. 

This is definitely the toughest part. To be an established team with a good reputation takes years. 

But once you get there, opportunities will present themselves. 

You can also introduce your team to sponsors if you’re confident with the success it has achieved so far.

Final Thoughts on Streamer Sponsorships

Streamer sponsorships are a great opportunity to earn money to help you advance your streaming career. 

However, before applying for a program, know what you expect from a partnership. 

There are many sponsorships covering different types of products. 

If you need hardware support, then apply to a company that makes such products. 

If you need apparel support, then send your application to a company that produces gaming apparel. 

Additionally, pay attention to the requirements. Each program specifies requirements that every applicant should meet. 

For example, you may be required to have certain numbers of followers across social media, have a website to promote content, use the company’s products, etc. 

Fulfilling all requirements will boost your chances of getting approval.

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