Rogue Energy Gaming Sponsorship

Rogue Energy Gaming Sponsorship 2022

With how fast eSports has been progressing in the last few years, it’s normal to be concerned about the side effects that it may cause.

There’s nothing wrong to pursue a career as a pro gamer, but you have to remember that it comes with responsibilities.

Pro gamers usually train for hours each day to help them hone their skills.

Excessive training while good for the brain can have adverse effects on health. Add it to the fact that many gamers consume energy drinks to help maintain focus and wakefulness, the negative effects can kick in sooner or later if you’re not careful.

Energy drinks are easy to find and they’re claimed to give a quick energy boost. That’s mainly because of the caffeine content.

Other ingredients like sugars and vitamins should also be taken in moderation. Aside from the amount, pay attention to the brand.

There are many energy drink brands out there, so it can be confusing to choose one. And Rogue Energy is one of them.

What makes it stand out?

It’s a gaming company first and foremost, so its products are designed to meet the needs of gamers.

Besides, it’s focused on providing a healthier alternative by cutting down on sugar and calories. Thus, you can reap all the benefits without compromising your health.

Rogue Energy Sponsorship

Rogue Energy is looking to work with gamers who want to move up in their careers.

As a brand that genuinely cares about gamers, this sponsorship couldn’t be more appropriate.

If you’re a creator, you can consider joining this program. The opportunity is provided to everyone equally.

Whether you’re a new creator or one with a following, you can try your luck by sending an application.

There are many perks of being part of the family. First, you’ll benefit from the brand’s popularity. Second, you can make extra money from the affiliate program.

For every qualified sale, you can earn a 15% commission. As you climb up the ranks, more opportunities will present themselves.

There’s no need to stress over the affiliate label slapped on you when joining it for the first time.

As you take it more seriously, you can advance to the Partner level.

Apply to Rogue Energy Affiliate/Sponsorship Program

For those wondering if this company has an affiliate program, the previous paragraph gave it away.

The commission rate pretty much confirms that this program is indeed available.

So, what are your responsibilities?

As with other similar programs, your main job is to promote products from the company using the special affiliate link.

You’ll also be provided with a discount code to entice more buyers. Click on this link if you want to join, and then fill out the form.

The discount code will be revealed after you’ve successfully created an account.

When it comes to rates, 10% is the amount received by affiliates. If you want to earn more per sale, reach the Partner level. It gives the members 15% commissions.

As for the discount code, affiliates are rewarded with 10% off, while partners get 20% off that they can offer to their visitors and followers.

The latter is quite tempting, right? That’s one of the perks of becoming a partner, so don’t be lazy. Step up your marketing game to get there.