Player One Coffee Gaming Sponsorship

Player One Coffee Gaming Sponsorship 2022

Coffee is many people’s favorite beverage. They drink it while at work or during leisure time.

Regardless of how you like to serve your coffee, this drink offers numerous benefits despite the general consensus that coffee is bad for health.

The key takeaway is to drink it in moderation. Anything consumed in excess can’t be good for health.

What’s your favorite coffee brand?

If you’re a coffee connoisseur, we believe you have one or two brands you always come back to anytime you have cravings for coffee.

You can add Player One Coffee to the list. It’s a manufacturer that specializes in making quality coffee.

Those behind the creation of the formula had traveled overseas to find a recipe that people would love, especially those who have a passion for coffee.

All the different coffees they experienced while traveling the globe were the reason why they came up with an idea to start a coffee business.

With all the experience they had gathered, a brand aimed at those looking for quality coffee was born in 2017.

Besides coffee, you can also find cocoa drinks in the store.

The coffee especially is served fresh. So whenever you place an order, you can be sure that it’s freshly roasted.

It also comes in several roasts with each delivering a unique flavor. They are light, medium, and dark roasts.

Player One Coffee Sponsorship

Does this brand offer a sponsorship program?

According to the site, it’s indeed available.

However, after digging a little deeper into its partnerships with teams and organizations, we couldn’t find any information on that (at the time of publication).

That doesn’t mean they don’t exist though. The company most likely chose to keep things low-key.

Even if such deals are not made public, they may still be finalized.

This brand was created out of necessity, with products aimed at gamers.

And, given its focus on gamers, it wouldn’t be surprising if it collaborates closely with people in the eSports industry.

Now that we know this type of sponsorship is available, let’s learn more about it. The specifics are as follows.

Apply to Player One Coffee Sponsorship

This sponsorship program doesn’t differ much from any other program you’ve followed before.

It gives a commission on every sale generated. The difference is in other programs, varying commission rates are in place.

Here you get a fixed commission, which is $1 for every product sold. At the same time, new customers also have access to a 5% discount.

This helps boost sales because people love discounts. They can receive 5% off items purchased through your link.

That’s as simple as that. By the way, the commission doesn’t just apply to first-time buyers.

Anytime, someone, you refer purchases a product, you’ll be rewarded with the amount specified before.

If you want to join, click here and scroll down to find the application form.

This program is open to anyone who wants to make extra money from promoting its products to the fans.

If you’re a gaming streamer with a solid fanbase, you can capitalize on your popularity by introducing this brand to your followers.