JerkyXP Gaming Sponsorship

JerkyXP Gaming Sponsorship 2022

Snacking is one of the greatest pleasures. Why? Because snacks are tasty.

But it’s important to remember that it can be a bad habit since many are loaded with salt, sugar, and calories.

When consumed in excess, they will cause a host of problems, such as high blood sugar levels, hypertension, and obesity.

On the brighter side, not all snacks are created equal. Some have more than just empty calories.

Jerky is one of the examples. Jerky is a type of snack derived from meat, which contributes to the high protein content.

To make jerky, meat is cooked and then dehydrated, locking only the essential nutrients inside.

Due to the low water content, jerky has a long shelf life. If you like snacking jerky, JerkyXP can help with your cravings.

The products come in various flavors, such as honey BBQ, sweet BBQ, double habanero, spicy, teriyaki, and more.

Besides, the ingredients are mentioned in the product description. There’s a lot of information you can find there, including serving size and nutritional value.

Though jerky is one of the company’s mainstay products, it also has other delicious snacks to keep you energized during game time, such as beef sticks and popcorn.

JerkyXP Sponsorship

Does the company have a sponsorship program?

Yes, there’s even a page set up for this on the site. The problem is the details on the program aren’t included.

The page directly greeted us with an application form. But looking at the fields an applicant needs to fill, there are some requirements one has to meet before being approved as a member.

We’ll list them out in the next section. Now, let’s talk about its potential foray into eSports.

The official site has a tagline, ‘Beef Jerky for Gamers’.

JerkyXP logo also features a controller, which could indicate that the products are aimed at gamers.

For this reason, there’s a possibility that the company has partnered with some figures in the industry.

Some are likely well-known names, too. That said, we haven’t seen a publication hinting at the company’s collaboration with a top player or organization, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

They may decide to keep it low-key, we never know for sure. But if you still want to try your luck, the door is still open.

Apply to JerkyXP Sponsorship

As said before, the sponsorship page on the site will welcome you with an application form.

If you want to join the program, please fill it out before sending it (the link can be found here).

The required fields are very common and we’re sure you’ve seen them in other programs before.

Apart from contact information, you’ll also need to provide names or links to your social media, such as Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, Discord, and Instagram.

It also particularly asks the number of Discord members you have.

These don’t seem too demanding, but your online presence can still have an impact on your chances of getting approved.

If you’re big on Twitch or another platform, for example, they may want to work with you after all. Once sent, just wait for a reply.