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MSI Gaming Sponsorship 2022

For gaming enthusiasts, MSI is a brand you’ll come across a lot because it produces a broad range of computer hardware, such as motherboards, graphic cards, notebooks, desktop computers, etc.

The Taiwanese manufacturer knows how to make valuable products for gaming enthusiasts.

As we know, expensive gaming PCs and laptops aren’t unheard of. In fact, they are a commonplace knowing gaming requires a powerful system to handle intensively graphics tasks.

The thing is not every gamer has the budget to purchase a pricey item. If you’re tight on budget, you’d need to do more research to find products that bring a lot of bang for the bucks.

Fortunately, MSI has affordable options with quality that exceeds our expectations. It is definitely a go-to brand for those who need affordable systems to play games.

The products are praised for having excellent performance, high price-to-performance ratio, stunning displays, and more.

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MSI Gaming Sponsorship

MSI’s contribution to eSports deserves nothing but respect. It has a long history of partnerships with eSports organizations, which shows that it really cares for the growth of the industry.

For your information, all the teams it’s currently in contract with and the previous ones can be found on the official site.

On another note, MSI also takes another approach to show the love it has for competitive gaming by hosting the MSI Masters Gaming Arena. Its venture into eSports started in 2008.

Ever since, the brand has worked with some of the most renowned teams, including Cloud 9, Evil Geniuses, and Fnatic.

It supports players by providing them with powerful products, so that they can enjoy a better experience.

Before the products made their way to players’ battle stations, they had been strictly tested by pro gamers to maintain quality.

With that level of support, no wonder these teams were able to show their best performance and made impressive appearances at tournaments they competed in.

The company’s involvement in eSports leagues also proves that it has genuine support for the blooming industry.

For example, news made the rounds earlier this year that MSI had extended its partnership with the ESL Pro League.

Part of the agreement was MSI would equip those competing in the seasons with hardware, including PCs, displays, and graphics cards.

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We can’t find a specific page on the site that contains information about an affiliate program. However, there is something called a reward program.

It’s basically a loyalty program designed for loyal customers of MSI.

If you buy products from the brand frequently, chances are you can reap a lot of benefits from it.

Besides rewarding members with points for every purchase, you can also collect points by taking some actions.

For example, buying products can give up to 100 points. Creating an MSI account can give extra 25 points. And then, sharing or writing review can earn you 300 more points.

This is an interesting program to say the least, but if you’re looking to be an affiliate, you can consider a similar program on Amazon.

After all, MSI products are marketed on the ecommerce site as well.

Having said that, always follow the guidelines as you’re promoting the products. We’re sure you’d want it to be a steady revenue stream for you.

And the only way to do it is by following all the rules in place.