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OnFire Gaming Sponsorship 2022

There is no denying that hardware has a significant impact on the gaming experience.

Given how demanding modern games have become, it makes sense to invest in a high-performance machine.

Due to this distinction, such products are usually sold for higher prices.

But one thing to remember is that a CPU and a GPU aren’t the only components that make up an excellent gaming rig.

You’ll also need a keyboard, and a mouse that is equally powerful, or responsive is probably the better way to describe it.

While you can spend less than $20 on a mouse or a keyboard, items in this price range are usually more intended for regular use.

On the other hand, peripherals optimized for gaming often come with higher prices, although affordable options exist.

That aside, we’d like to introduce another brand focused on making gaming stuff called OnFire Gaming.

The selection of peripherals isn’t as extensive as others, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it lacks in quality.

At the end of the day, they’re made with gaming in mind, which means it should benefit gamers.

image credit: onfiregaming.com

OnFire Gaming Sponsorship

There’s no sign that the company directly takes part in eSports.

However, that’s not to be mistaken for not wanting to be in it. There could be a reason why it has yet to decide to dive deeper into the industry.

Support for the ecosystem can be done in many ways. Many companies do it by offering sponsorships to teams, players, and tournaments.

However, this kind of support is more prevalent in established organizations because they have the funding and everything to reward their partners.

Besides hardware sponsorships, some also offer financial aid.

What about smaller companies?

They may have thought about it but are constrained by the limited resources.

As for OnFire Gaming, while it has no details regarding sponsorships, its products are geared towards gamers.

Take this as an example. It has released a product called OnFire Gaming LIT gaming mouse.

It sports a design that makes it easy to fit snug in your hand. This way, you can play for extended periods without feeling fatigued.

Apply to OnFire Gaming Sponsorship

OnFire Gaming has a program that welcomes streamers of all levels of popularity to join in.

Whether you’re an aspiring streamer or one with a fanbase, you can enroll in the program.

First of all, you need to send an application to [email protected].

As you’re waiting for approval, you’ll get a chance to earn by referring to others. You can make a commission for each sale or transaction using the promotion code assigned to your account.

Once approved for sponsorship, you’ll get some benefits. But at the same time, the agreement also comes with expectations.

The company requires members to set a streaming schedule. Besides, it also wants those streamers to make quality and honest content.

Another responsibility is being involved in events and creating videos for use by OnFire Gaming when requested.

Last but not least, partners need to know well about their products.

They should describe in detail the specs of products, how they work, the advantages, etc.