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Elgato Gaming Sponsorship for Streamers 2022

Being a professional live streamer isn’t as easy as watching your favorite content creator on the webcam.

There are several steps that one has to take before their Livestream can be broadcasted to the viewers.

And just like being a gamer, a steamer also needs his equipment.

Brands like Elgato are some you can trust to set up your Livestream because they have a wide range of products that can improve your content quality.

With them, you can make content like a pro.

Of all of the products, game capture devices are one of its specialties, in addition to stream decks, lights, and green screens.

All these allow you to publish content at your fingertips and make broadcasts feel more professional.

There’s no need to wait until you become an established name on the streaming scene.

You can build your resume early on, one of which is by providing quality content.

While Elgato products are designed in California and Germany, the distribution has reached many different parts of the world.

More than 80 large retailers take part in selling products from this brand.

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Elgato Sponsorship Program

Does Elgato have sponsorship available?

Yes, but it’s a challenge to be a part of it because it leans towards the best teams and individuals.

The company would love to work with anyone that shares their values and vision.

It’s worth noting that applications are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

They need to look further into one’s content type, target audience, and channel before saying yes.

Just make sure to include essential information in your message to increase your chances of getting approved.

Here are some details you shouldn’t leave out:

  • An explanation of yourself or your organization
  • The type of content you make and the platform(s) it’s published on.
  • Information about target audience/viewers on the platforms you’ve joined in.
  • The games you play and the systems you play them on.
  • Define reasons why you want to partner with Elgato.
  • The value that you can provide to them.
  • Things you expect from the partnership.
  • Links to social media accounts.

Though many details need to be included, it’s advised for every applicant to be concise with their submission.

A company of this caliber should be getting a large volume of requests daily, so it could be distressing to review lengthy messages every time.

Short paragraphs are preferred, and please use bullets or numberings for details.

Is it possible to join if you don’t have a Youtube or Twitch channel yet?

Well, you can, but don’t expect to go far with a half-assed effort.

It’s better to create a channel first and put your name out there before sending your application.

Apply to Elgato Sponsorship

From the sponsorship page on the official website, the company isn’t currently looking for new partners.

But if it’s open again in the future, you should know what to do because we’ve outlined the essential details to be included.

That aside, the sponsorship we’re talking about right now is a gamer/streamer sponsorship, which is different from an affiliate program.

The latter, we couldn’t find one, and it seems that the company doesn’t have it, either.

If you still want to sell its products, they are available on Amazon, anyway.

Featured image credit: Elgato Twitter