AVerMedia gaming sponsorship

AVerMedia Gaming Sponsorship 2022

It all started in the early 90s when Michael Kuo worked on a project with a group of people who had a mission to create something new for Taiwanese branded products, particularly those related to video technology.

This had led to the formation of AVerMedia technologies.

The goal they had, in the beginning, was why they became invested in the project.

The meticulous effort eventually paid off, and now the company is enjoying success with its digital imaging products line.

These products aren’t just about excellent quality, but they’re developed not to harm the environment as they strictly follow the industry regulations.

Various products under the brand are grouped into several categories, like embedded vision solutions and industrial video systems.

Ever since its inception, the company has shown concerns about social responsibility.

It’s not just passion for innovation that has helped it reach the level it is today, but its willingness to act for society’s benefit also never ceases to exist.

image credit: pcquest.com

AVerMedia Sponsorship

If you want to know if AVerMedia has some sponsorship program, well, it does.

The program is designed for content creators.

According to the page that displays partnerships it has with individuals, some of the profiles happen to link to Twitch accounts.

It could mean that the company is on the lookout for streamers that join this platform, but others should be welcome, too, since it uses the “we are all creators” tagline.

What can you get from this partnership?

There are several benefits provided, but the most significant one is hardware support.

It can help you improve your content-making skills and get your creative juices flowing. The company urges anyone to check out the creators it’s teaming up with so that they know what to expect before applying.

There are several things that the company wants from its partners.

First, it needs partners to be determined in making content that can inspire people.

Second, it wants partners to provide content for AVerMedia in the form of pictures, videos, live streams, etc.

Third, the company also wants partners to have in-depth knowledge of its products.

Apply to AVerMedia Sponsorship

There’s no need to be discouraged if you’re a new content creator.

AVerMedia makes it clear that it would love to work with up and coming creators as well.

By the way, the sponsorship program comes in several options, with each tied to specific benefits.

The Ambassador level has the following benefits: product discounts, exclusive branded outfits, and digital assets for content.

The Affiliate level has these: free products, commissions on product sales, and co-sponsored giveaways on top of the Ambassador level’s benefits.

There’s also the Partner level, which offers these benefits: the opportunity to test unreleased products, be displayed on the official site and promote social media.

These are excluding the benefits of the Affiliate level that you’re also entitled to. Here’s the link if you want to sign up.

All the information requested is pretty standard, but you’re also required to select a country of residence.

Make sure to pick one from the list because it’s necessary. Good Luck!