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Cinch Gaming Sponsorship 2022

Game controllers are becoming more advanced in how they’re designed.

They aren’t all about looks, but also the functionality.

Custom controllers aren’t supposed to replace the original controllers.

They’re just provided as a way to give an option to those wanting to personalize their gamepad.

There are quite a lot of companies that sell custom controllers.

They allow buyers to design their dream controller with a broad range of themes and added functions.

Cinch gaming is one of them. It takes pride in providing an unparalleled gaming experience to gamers, both casual and pro ones.

There are heaps of customizations that can be applied to a controller, which can be done right on the builder page.

If you want to create your fancy controller, visit the site and head to the relevant section.

There are fully-custom and readymade options.

Make sure to click on the correct builder page as there are sections for the PS4 and Xbox series.

There are previews of how the controller looks after alterations.

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Cinch Gaming Sponsorship

While Cinch Gaming produces controllers to help eSports players level up and improve their skills, offering a sponsorship is different.

In this case, Cinch Gaming isn’t absent from the industry. It has partnered with Variance eSports.

The announcement was published on the organization’s site.

Variance gaming stated that it felt honored to take part in the deal because it believed that Cinch Gaming would bring out the team’s full potential with its line of custom controllers.

Cinch Gaming is still open for sponsorships today.

All the requirements have been specified on the site.

First off, members need to join at the affiliate level. They are also required to sell a minimum of 15 controllers using the 5% code.

Once it has been fulfilled, they will receive a 10% promo code.

Each qualified sale earns you a 5% commission, which will be pay through Paypal.

The most challenging part is probably generating sales, but it shouldn’t be a problem because they are of good quality.

It will be easier to convince potential buyers if the products have the quality to back them up.

Apply to Cinch Sponsorship

The brief overview pretty much confirms that the company does have an affiliate program.

But before we tell you how to sign up, let’s find out all the benefits an approved member is entitled to. Here are some of them:

  • You’ll get a 5% off code to promote to visitors and followers.
  • You’ll get a 5% commission in the form of store credit on every sale generated.
  • You can also get a primary black controller by selling 5 controllers or more.

It’s free to choose between an Xbox or a PS4 controller.

The company welcomes everyone to enter into the partnership, but preferably those with social media presence and meet the ongoing requirements.

Once the company gives the stamp of approval, the next step is to know your responsibilities.

The most important thing is to promote the brand and products across social media.

Take advantage of your social media accounts.

And don’t forget to keep using the unique code. By the way, if you want to join, please fill out the form here.

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