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ThermalTake Gaming Sponsorship 2022

There are many manufacturers that produce gaming hardware and accessories, but not all of them have a broad range of products to offer.

One thing that really stands out from ThermalTake is the wide selection of products. This means a lot especially for gamers who are new to the scene.

As a gamer, you should know how to beef up your battle station properly.

A gaming system is more intricate than what appears on the outside. It’s comprised of components that need work in a coordinated way.

If you’re curious about all the products ThermalTake has, you can visit the official store. It tries the best way possible to provide an easy shopping experience.

With such a big library, there’s no need to look elsewhere to buy all your gaming needs. Just browse through the collection, you’ll find everything to build your dream PC.

Apart from chassis, it also offers fans, air coolers, mice, headsets, to name a few.

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ThermalTake Sponsorship

The company wants to take part in the growth of eSports. There’s a section on the site that will redirect you to a new website that specifically covers eSports.

According to the site, ThermalTake has entered into partnerships with Disrupt Gaming, MercenarieZ, Red Viperz Gaming, and Bikini Bottom.

Now, let’s find out more about these teams:

  • Disrupt Gaming: the team plays in Rainbow Six Siege and Tekken. It’s founded and headquartered in North America.
  • MercenarieZ: this team competes in several titles. Beside Rainbow Six Siege, it also sends its players to tournaments featuring Dota 2, CS:GO, PUBG, and Battlefield. While it’s not a newcomer in Bangladesh’s eSports scene, the team recently announced that they wanted to accomplish more by joining leagues in South Asia regions.
  • Red Viperz Gaming: much like the previous teams, Rainbox Six Siege is a staple title it competes in. But other than that, it also plays in competitions for Valorant, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, and FIFA. The team that’s often referred to as RV is a prominent figure in Bangladesh.
  • Bikini Bottom: needless to say, the name they picked for the team is interesting, but teams with unique names aren’t a novelty in eSports. Achievements matter more than just a name, anyway. And in Rainbox Six Siege, the team does well with its high-ranked players.

Apply to ThermalTake Sponsorship

The company offers a sponsorship program for content creators who want to introduce ThermalTake products.

Many content creators try to create a revenue stream by making their own products.

Well, if you are yet to have something to promote to the fans, being an affiliate can be a solution. By selling products from a company, you’ll get an incentive in the form of money, store credit, or another.

The program from this company is divided into 3 tiers with each assigned to different benefits.

Tier 3 members can get media support and full peripheral sponsorship. Tier 2 members can get the benefits that Tier 3 offers plus chair sponsorship.

Meanwhile, Tier 1 includes the same benefits as Tier 3 with added financial and chair sponsorship.

To apply, you can fill out the form available here.