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Gamer Advantage Sponsorship for Gamers and Streamers 2022

As a gamer, it’s important to realize that your health matters more than your hobby.

While gaming is fun, it can have a bad impact on health if you don’t take precautions.

But, what parts of the body can be affected by this activity, anyway?

There are some, like your neck, back, hands, and eyes. Neck and back problems may arise from poor sitting posture.

Hand or wrist problems may result from repetitive movement, and vision problems could be caused by prolonged blue light exposure.

For this reason, use equipment that addresses these problems.

Gamer Advantage has some to maintain your wellbeing.

The company has invested time and effort to develop products that can help gamers maintain good health.

Its primary line of products is the blue light glasses.

As we know, blue light glasses come with special coatings to filter blue light, so that that it doesn’t reach deeper into the eye.

Gamer Advantage believes that the way you treat your eyes will greatly affect your gameplay.

Glasses from this brand have numerous benefits.

They’re clinically tested, have clear lens for a better viewing experience, feature glare reduction, polarized, and have a lightweight frame.

There’s more to discover other than glasses, such as anti-fog sprays, gummy vitamins, and accessories.

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Gamer Advantage Sponsorship

The company has dipped its toes into eSports by partnering with the Aquina eSports.

The deal positioned the company as an official sponsor for the organization which supplied the players with quality eyewear.

The collegiate eSports program would also create content that both parties could benefit from.

The head coach commented on the partnership, said that it would help players get proper protection necessary for practices.

This would reduce eye strain, so they could sleep better after the training sessions.

However, it’s likely not related to an affiliate program.

Now if you’re wondering if there’s an opportunity to be a client, we’d love to tell you that the company is still seeking new collaborations.

The sponsorship page is still up on the site, which can be perceived as an invitation.

Interestingly, there are several forms provided, aimed for different types of applicants.

There is one for individuals, events, photographers, and organizations.

Though some of the fields are the same across the forms, there are parts where they differ. Therefore, make sure you fill out the correct form.

Apply to Gamer Advantage Sponsorship

The link mentioned above will redirect you an online form for a sponsorship.

This program is different as it puts more emphasis on sales and commissions.

We didn’t say that a gamer or streamer sponsorship would exclude this option, but both can be offered individually.

If you’re specifically looking for an affiliate program, we’re sorry because we couldn’t locate that section on the site.

Only the sponsorship page is featured on the main menu bar.

Or to be sure, you can reach out to them using the contact form.

Just fill the necessary fields and write down your questions before hitting the ‘submit’ button.