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Playbudz Gaming Sponsorship 2022

Modern controllers are designed to provide the user with the ultimate comfort.

Besides sporting ergonomic designs, they are also made of sturdy materials, which allow them to withstand wear and tear very well.

But truth be told, all these improvements don’t stop creative people from finding ‘loopholes’ to boost comfort even more.

That’s not to say that consoles are lacking in any way because they are clearly not.

But if you want to get a better experience, there are some accessories you can use on your gamepad.

Playbudz is one of those companies that produce accessories for controllers. Making grip extenders is its expertise.

A grip extender is a form of extension for a controller that’s attached on either side.

Since a controller comes with 2 grips, then you’d need a pair both the left and right ones. In terms of compatibility, Playbudz products are made for a variety of systems, including the PS 3, PS 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Nintendo Switch.

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What are the benefits of grips?

They’re mainly used to increase friction between your hands and the controller.

As we know, extended use of a controller can make it slippery due to the constant sweating.

With grips, this is no longer an issue. Besides, grips by this brand are claimed to reduce fatigue as well, so that you can play for longer.

Playbudz Sponsorship 2022

Playbudz invites gamers who are looking for a sponsor to join its sponsorship program.

All you have to do is fill out the form provided. It’s right on the site. Just click the link underneath the logo above, and then click on the ‘sponsorship’ section on the menu.

You’ll see the form on the page. It asks mostly common information like name, email, subject, and message. Please be upfront with your message, and don’t forget to include details that may increase your chances of approvals.

For example, you can provide links to your social media. If you’re quite established, it may fast-track your way to become a partner.

After the email is sent, just wait for a reply to know your status. For the record, the program is offered to gamers, streamers, and Youtubers.

Apply to Playbudz Sponsorship

The explanation above is for the sponsorship program. If you’re looking for an affiliate one, there’s no information about that on the site.

Broadly speaking, streamer and affiliate programs are linked to different types of benefits.

A sponsorship / streamer program helps members advance their careers by providing hardware support, financial support, discounts on products, etc.

Meanwhile, an affiliate program mostly centers around sales and commissions.

It typically asks partners to promote a company’s products for commissions on qualified sales.

If your leads don’t convert into sales, then you won’t get a commission. Conversely, if you’re able to drive a generous amount of traffic to the site and many end up buying through your links, you’ll earn a lot of money in return.

Too bad we can’t find it on the site, yet, or the sponsorship program probably includes affiliate links already.

You can consider signing up for it just in case.