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ModdedZone Gaming Sponsorship 2022

Companies that put effort into making a specific type of products usually know what they’re doing because they’re driven by a deep passion for the products.

This is what ModdedZone is all about.

If you’re interested in having a personalized controller for gaming, this is one of the brands you should check out.

The products are manufactured to the USA quality standards. And by the way, these controllers are derived from the original ones, but tweaked in such a way to make more them more functional by adding extra add-on mods, such as jump shot, auto burst, quick aim, and more.

The mods have gone through a series of tests to ensure that they’re compatible with FPS games.

Besides, the company also takes pride in providing good customer support by offering a warranty. Each product is covered with a 90-day warranty.

As we know, good customer support has been at the forefront of business practices. That’s why it becomes a great honor when customers are happy with the service.

For those wondering about the products, name all the current consoles, you can find controllers for them.

The company sells a variety of controllers (premade, custom, premium) for the Playstation 4, Xbox One, Xbox One Elite Series 2, PS 5, and Nintendo Switch.

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ModdedZone Sponsorship 2022

There’s no indication that the company has a sponsorship program going on.

However, we must remember that support for the industry can be done in various ways.

The company specializes in producing modded controllers, which have become an inseparable part of gaming.

Besides, the company strives to maintain quality by using original controllers in place of knockoffs.

That’s something we should appreciate because it means that the company has respect for originality.

The reason why these controllers look slightly different is because the exterior is altered to suit the buyer’s taste.

They also come with add-on mods to improve functionality. By the way, controllers aren’t only things listed on the site that people can buy.

There are also accessories, such as gaming chairs, glasses, and apparel. All of these are essential items for gaming.

The first two are associated with health, while the last one is necessary for personalization.

If you play games for extended periods of time, don’t forget to buy these items.

Back to sponsorship, we haven’t come across a section that indicates that it has partnered with an eSports organization.

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We couldn’t locate a page of that sort on the site, but it doesn’t mean it’s nonexistent.

Some companies choose to work with third-party networks to promote their products.

In regard to ModdedZone, there are some sites that can shed light on the affiliate program.

The first one we’d recommend is getlasso. According to the site, the commission rate per sale is 10%.

That’s a decent amount actually since many offer smaller rates. The best part is leads come with a 90-day cookie window.

So if any purchase is made within the time frame, it will still count provided that it can be validated.

Shareasale also has a page set up for ModdedZone.

If you’re a long-term user of the marketing network, you can log into your account and find more information about the program.

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