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Iconic Controllers: Custom Controllers Sponsorship 2022

Custom controllers have started to gain mainstream traction because they look cool and allow for personalization to the user’s personal preferences. They’re similar to skins for video game characters.

The appearance isn’t the only part that can be tweaked in a custom controller. Some also allow the buttons to be remapped and come with added functionality.

All these can take gaming to the next level.

The idea of personalization easily tickles the mind because many people would love to have a controller that represents themselves.

Well, that’s not out of reach anymore now as companies specialized in making custom controllers can be found anywhere, one of which is Iconic Controllers.

As the name suggests, this company can help create an iconic gamepad for you.

Buyers are allowed to customize a controller to their liking on the build page.

Years of experience had trained them to be an expert in this field.

Given that they started out as gamers, too, they also claim to have learned a lot from manufacturers they’ve met throughout the years.

Custom Controllers has a mission to give affordable options to buyers while providing the best shopping experience.

Iconic Controllers Sponsorship

Iconic Controllers offers a sponsorship as a way to connect with its loyal customers and people in the gaming community.

However, you should know that the sponsorship page is opened with a notice which basically says that applicants should mean the applications sent out to them.

That’s because they receive a large number of forms on a regular basis, so it makes sense that the best candidates will stand out more.

How do you make sure that you are considered serious with your application?

Take time to fill in the requested fields. Make sure to not leave any fields empty especially if you have no reason to do so.

Besides name and email, the form also requires you to provide links to social media accounts along with other essential information.

Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, if you have accounts on these networks, please list them out.

By the way, the registration link can be found here.

Apply to Iconic (Custom Controller Sponsorship)

Follow the previous link if you want to apply for the program.

On the same page, the company states that the goal of the sponsorships is to nurture relationships with the youth and cultures.

They’re also meant to build loyalty.

Having said that, the details about partnerships are kind of vague. There’s no mention about benefits that an approved partner can get.

It’s likely that the information will be disclosed after you have been accepted into the program.

What about an affiliate program? It’s often put on a separate page from a streamer or sponsorship program.

We can’t find an affiliate page on this site, though, which probably means that this program isn’t available.

The one we mentioned with a link above reads more like a program that supports aspiring talents.

However, if you want to know for sure, you can submit an application using the provided link and ask about an affiliate program.