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CyberPowerPC Gaming Sponsorship 2022

CyberPowerPC is a manufacturer that specializes in making quality gaming hardware.

Gaming machines are different from business laptops in a number of ways. While regular laptops can be used to play games, they are likely not able to handle intensive-graphics titles.

There are certain parts in gaming machines that are highly optimized to provide the ultimate gaming experience, and that’s what this company is trying to deliver.

If you need a powerful PC to equip your battle station, CyberPowerPC is a brand to trust in. According to the official site, the company has two main goals.

The first one is to offer advanced technology at affordable prices, and the second one is to provide excellent technological support.

Should you buy gaming hardware from this brand?

If you’re an aspiring eSports player, that would be a good decision. Keep in mind that games are becoming increasingly demanding in terms of computing needs.

And games played in eSports usually belong to this category.

Therefore, it makes sense to invest in premium hardware as it can handle great load of work. In this regard, you can count on CyberPowerPC.

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CyberPowerPC Sponsorship

There’s little information about sponsorships involving this manufacturer that are published on news outlets. Perhaps, the best way to find people who have formed partnerships with the company is by searching through the official site.

The layout makes it easy to maneuver through menus, but there are certain pages that take more effort to locate, like those explaining players who have deals with the company.

Here are streamers featured on the site.

King Gothalion

He’s a player who also owns a Youtube channel. To find him on Youtube, simply type in his name on the search box.

The channel should appear right on top.

He plays various games, but seems to lean on the adventure genre.

Bordelands and The Witcher are two of the many titles posted on the channel.

He’s also quite popular or Twitch, anyway.


This is an alias he picked as an identity online. His real name is actually Michael Santana.

He used to play The League of Legends and had been a pro player for about 3 years before migrating to Twitch.

He found great success on the platform, even earned the ‘Streamer of the Year’ title in 2016.

Besides these two, there are other streamers who are also endorsed by the brand, namely MorningAfterKill, shortyyguy, and Summit1g.

Apply to CyberPowerPC Sponsorship

Given how involved the company is in the eSports scene, the best way to get in touch and apply for a sponsorship is by becoming a player or forming a team.

According to the site, the company has formed a partnership Complexity Gaming, one of the organizations that compete in a number of titles, including Dota 2, Rocket League, and Call of Duty.

Just make sure to not approach them empty-handed because a company of this caliber will surely get a lot of questions regarding sponsorship deals from time to time.

If you’re an aspiring player with decent skills or have a team looking to perform in a high-level competition, you can contact them via email or another communication method.