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Netduma Gaming Sponsorship 2022

Have you heard of DumaOS? Netduma is actually the company behind the development of this router operating system.

The current version is DumaOS 3.0, which marks the new generation of the OS.

According to a recent press release, the update comes with a bunch of features.

Besides brand new ones, it also has had improvements over the predecessor.

To start with, it offers Geo Fencing, which allows the user to draw several Geo-filters around the desired server banks.

You’re given the freedom to draw in any shape.

The second essential feature is application QoS. This is useful for sorting out traffics based on the level of importance.

And then, there’s connection benchmark to help check out the current status of your internet connection, like how stable the ping is, maximum speeds, etc. It also boasts traffic controller.

As the name suggests, it’s necessary to keep your connection secure from unwarranted access.

There are more features it has to offer, such as ping heatmap and rapp store.

Besides putting effort into updating the OS, Netduma also has its own routers.

One you can try is the Netduma R1, released back in 2014. This router was developed to solve problems that gamers often faced with regard to their internet connection.

There’s also the Netduma R2, a feature-rich router that delivers solid performance and is able to maintain stability across network.

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Netduma Sponsorship 2021

There is no page on the Netduma official site that addresses a sponsorship program.

With further research, we find a new piece of information that’s important for you to know.

The company suggests anyone looking for a sponsorship to contact them directly via email to [email protected].

Most of us are familiar with the idea of submitting an application by filling out a form provided by a sponsor. But that’s not always the case.

For one reason or another, some companies opt to not create a dedicated sponsorship page, but it doesn’t mean they aren’t open to the idea of working with affiliate marketers or streamers.

If you can’t locate this specific page on a company’s site and want to make sure if it has one available or not, you can head to the ‘contact us’ page.

There should be a quick form, a phone number, or an email address there.

Once sent, wait until a representative gets back to you for confirmation.

Apply to Netduma Sponsorship

It’s still unclear if Netduma offers an affiliate program or not. Thus, we can’t provide any details about it.

We’ve also tried to browse through third-party sites that gather information about gaming sponsorships, it seems that they don’t have it, either.

The good news is Amazon has one of its routers for sale, which is the Netduma R1.

However, the listing states that it’s currently available, so maybe you can bookmark it and come back later to see if it’s already back in stock.

In case you want to market the product, you need to be an Amazon associate first.

The tutorials are abundant on the internet. Amazon is one of the largest online retailers after all, so it’s definitely easy to collect information about the affiliate program.