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SteelSeries Gaming Sponsorship 2022

SteelSeries is one of the brands people trust for gaming peripherals, but a famous name isn’t all the company has.

The company was formerly known as Soft Trading, and then had a name change to SteelSeries in 2007.

In its early stage, Soft Trading produced the Steelpad and Icemat Mousepads.

Just so you know, the brand associated with the company today was actually inspired by one of these products.

It made another move to expand its business by acquiring Ideazon in 2008, which also turned out to be a gaming peripheral manufacturer.

Part of the company’s great success was due to the first Ceo’s continued effort in bringing awareness around the company and brand.

And it only got better especially as it decided to hire Bruce Hawver to hold the position of CEO in the company.

It sells numerous products which fall under different categories, such as headsets, mice, keyboards, mousepads, etc.

Many are brought up in reviews thanks to the outstanding quality.

SteelSeries Sponsorship 2021

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For those wondering about SteelSeries’ relationship with eSports, eSports has been an integral part of its growth ever since its inception.

The company has shown support by sponsoring pro players. Besides, SteelSeries also makes products that can help players increase their competitive edge.

While gaming gear isn’t all it takes to be a skilled player, it’s crucial in helping improve performance.

SteelSeries is on a mission to help the industry grow even more and it’s honored to team up with top gamers from around the world.

In addition to being a sponsor, the company also treats teams as partners.

Basically, it really keeps an eye on their progress. These partnerships allow the company to improve products to meet the needs of avid gamers.

There are many teams it has supported with some being major organizations like Faze Clan and Team OG.

The prestigious wins by these teams can be seen on the official site.

SteelSeries has a section there which details all partnerships it has entered into.

Just pay a visit if you want to know more about that.

Apply to SteelSeries Sponsorship

Selling products from a major brand is typically easier because the name holds weight, so it takes effort to convince people to buy products.

Many marketers are focused on promoting popular brands in order to drive sales.

If you’re looking for such an opportunity from SteelSeries, there’s an affiliate program available for Youtubers and Streamers.

Your job is to promote links on various platforms you’ve joined in.

It could be Twitch, Youtuber, or another.

Anytime a purchase is made through your unique link, you can earn up to 8% commission.

Referral links are available in the form of texts and banners. Although it sounds tempting, the affiliate page on the site specifies that it no longer accepts new applications. In other words, sign up is closed at the moment.

That said, SteelSeries products are sold on Amazon, too.

So if you still want to market the products, please find information on how to sign up for the program.