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HyperX Gaming Sponsorship 2022

HyperX is a division of Kingston Technology specialized in producing gaming equipment. The company’s goal is to build an inclusive environment through its products, so that every gamer feels included.

In the beginning of its development, HyperX only had 1 line of memory, but that quickly changed when it added new products covering various lines.

Now it offers SSDs, headsets, USB flash drives, keyboards, and more. HyperX takes great pride in utilizing top-of-the-line components to make quality products.

On top of having great performance, the products are also aesthetically pleasing.

And for those who consider gaming more than just a hobby, HyperX is definitely a brand you can put your trust in. It has become a go-to option for many gamers around the world.

Just browse through the official store to learn all the products under this brand. Reviews written for them may also help you make a decision.

HyperX is popular enough that you won’t have a hard time finding feedback from customers.

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HyperX Sponsorship

HyperX has sponsored more than 20 teams internationally. The brand is synonymous with gaming, so working eSports teams feels appropriate.

After all, every company is welcome in eSports, even those that are not directly linked to the ecosystem. On another note, HyperX also contributes to eSports by becoming a top sponsor for Dreamhack and Intel Extreme Masters competitions.

Great gaming gear that the company creates really helps players improve their skills and advance to higher levels.

The competition in eSports is fierce. Being a pro player is one thing, securing a win and bringing home prize money is another.

With HyperX, at least gamers have a chance to train with the best equipment.

If you’re wondering about teams the brand has partnered with, ViCi Gaming, Cloud 9, and Team Liquid are some of the prominent ones.

You can see the complete list on the official website. There’s a page dedicated to the group of established organizations.

Apply to HyperX Sponsorship

There’s a sponsorship program offered by HyperX, aimed at players who want to advance their career.

This is nothing like an affiliate program, though.

With an affiliate, your focus is to drive sales through referral links. In return, you’ll get commissions.

This one is different although not uncommon.

Many gaming manufacturers also have similar programs under different names. Basically, the point of this sponsorship is to help gamers be more immersed in their gaming experience.

Approved members will have an opportunity to test the remarkable products by HyperX. There are other benefits, like access to mentors and resources.

If this is not what you’re looking for, you can skip it. The next one we’re going to introduce is the reseller program.

But before you sign up, please understand the difference. Reselling is an act of selling a product you’ve bought from a company for a profit.

In other words, you’re required to invest up front. Meanwhile, affiliate marketing is an advertising model where a company pays affiliates for sending them customers.

Affiliates can earn a commission on every product sold.

Now if you can tell the difference and think that the reselling program is a perfect fit for you, you can sign up here.