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NVIDIA Gaming Sponsorship 2022

NVIDIA is a graphics card manufacturer formed in 1993 and based in Santa Clara, California.

The manufacturer produces some of the most reliable graphics cards under the GeForce branding.

NVIDIA is undeniably huge in the gaming scene. What you may not know is that the company is actually a pioneer of the first GPU, in which it did through calculations formerly executed on the CPU for transform and lighting for 3-dimensional scenes.

Despite the worldwide popularity, NVIDIA isn’t the only major company that makes graphics cards.

AMD is also known for its graphics cards, but they don’t quite share the same space. Those who are concerned about price often go for AMD graphics because its products are more accessible.

But once you up the budget, NVIDIA have many options with performance that will make others difficult to catch up to.

It’s true that NVIDIA graphics are outstanding, but over the years, the company has also expanded its business into cloud computing, AI, self-driving cars, and more.

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NVIDIA Sponsorship

NVIDIA tapping into eSports isn’t absurd at all.

We’ve seen many brands that aren’t traditionally associated with eSports market their products to the eSports masses.

That’s reasonable because the industry is flourishing right now.

As a graphics card maker, its contribution to competitive gaming means a lot because games are becoming more demanding nowadays.

High-end graphics are needed to handle them without hiccups.

NVIDIA supports so many eSports team, here are some of them:

  • Complexity Gaming: Complexity Gaming is among the top eSports teams in North America. It strives to deliver the best performance at every event they compete in. It’s a home to many great players, has fielded rosters in a number of titles, such as Dota 2, Call of Duty, and Cs:Go. The organization was formed in 2003 by Jason, who had been introduced to Counter Strike by his roommate. It is among the earliest teams ever formed in the Counter Strike scene.
  • G2 eSports: G2 is another team that has received a lot of achievements since it burst onto the scene. In fact, it manages to sneak into top 20 of the highest prize earners of all time. As with Complexity Gaming, G2 is also supported by great talents coming from different backgrounds and nationalities. They try to elevate their players’ moods by creating a warm atmosphere within the organization.
  • Luminosity Gaming: When it comes to the largest teams in North America, we can’t tick Luminosity Gaming off the list. Not just in America, but the organization is also cherished all over the world. Their goal is to provide well-rounded support to the players, so that they can survive in the competitive industry.

Apply to NVIDIA sponsorship

Does NVIDIA have something to offer for affiliate marketers?

Well, you’re lucky because the company does have an affiliate program.

As usual, the task is to promote products by NVIDIA on your website. Put up banners and logos that NVIDIA provides you with.

Every sale that qualifies will earn you a commission, but the rate isn’t stated specifically.

To get more sales, pay attention to the ad placement. Ads placed in visible areas should generate more sales.

Here’s the link to sign up for an NVIDIA affiliate program.