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Tesoro Gaming Sponsorship 2022

When it comes to peripherals, you should dare to look beyond the obvious choices like Corsair and Razer.

There are many other brands that you may haven’t heard of but exist. Do you know Tesoro?

If not, then this is the right opportunity to familiarize yourself with the peripheral manufacturer. It sells a wide selection of products ranging from keyboards to chairs.

The company claims that its approach to products is built upon the desire to deliver top-notch quality and reasonable pricing.

That’s a good way to put it because the market is already flooded with brands trying to grab people’s attention.

Peripherals have become an integral part of gaming and computing.

By putting quality at the forefront, the company is able to create products that not only endure extreme gaming sessions, but also provide you with the ultimate comfort.

Ever since its inception in 2011, Tesoro always strives for bigger innovation and step up the game to please customers with smart and superb products.

And although it puts focus on quality, it’s also highly concerned with design.

In this case, Tesoro always takes time to translate its ideas into a design, which is why its products look and feel well-crafted.

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Tesoro Sponsorship

Tesoro’s entrance to eSports actually started before it even released its first product.

That shows that the company didn’t jump on the hype train just for the sake of it.

It had worked with eSports organizations and is still doing it to this day.

Not just with high-profile teams, it also has no problem to show support for up and coming teams because the company believes that everyone deserves a chance to bring out their potential.

In addition to deals with teams, its approach to eSports is also done by sponsoring events across the globe.

The long experience in eSports has taught it a lot of things.

All that the company has learned throughout the years are incorporated into the making of its products. As a result, Tesoro knows how to make items that appeal to gaming enthusiasts.

Apply to Tesoro Sponsorship

Unfortunately, if you’re looking to earn extra cash by promoting products from this brand, it doesn’t seem feasible because there’s no page with this topic on the site.

There is a sponsorship page, though, but it doesn’t read like an affiliate program. When a company offers an affiliate program, it usually states the amount of commission one can earn per sale.

In some cases, referral rates vary for different products. In Tesoro, however, we can’t find this kind of information.

The sponsorship we just mentioned is designed for gamers and teams who want to partner with the company. This is totally different from an affiliate program.

Being an affiliate doesn’t require you to own an eSports team because the main responsibility is to refer customers to the site.

This sponsorship, on the other hand, may come with benefits like discounts on items, hardware support, etc. If you’re curious, send your application to [email protected].

Make sure to mention all important things in the application, like why you’re interested in being part of the program, what you can offer to them in exchange for the sponsorship, etc.