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KontrolFreek Gaming Sponsorship 2022

Using a quality gamepad can dramatically increase your competitive edge over the competitors.

But did you know that there are accessories that can help bring out the full potential of your console?

All those items can be found on KontrolFreek’s store. This company sells a broad range of accessories to make the most of a controller.

No matter how advance your controller is, you’ll always benefit from thumbsticks and grips made by this manufacturer.

There are more available, including gaming cables, lights and precision cables.

Its products are designed ergonomically to fit nicely in the hand. Besides, it’s also constructed using high-quality materials.

If you need extensions to improve aiming precision and comfort while gaming, KontrolFreek is a brand you can count on.

Broad compatibility is another advantage. You can use these products on various systems, such as the Nintendo Switch, PS 4, Xbox One, and PC.

On top of that, getting your hands on them shouldn’t be difficult as they’re distributed at over 9,000 stores in 40 countries.

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KontrolFreek Sponsorship

Are you an aspiring eSports athlete or do you have a newly established team that needs support to advance to high-level tournaments?

You’ll be pleased to hear that KontrolFreek has a program for up and coming players and teams.

The company can help provide resources necessary to improve skills and bring you closer to your goals.

Those who are accepted for this program can upgrade their membership for more benefits.

There are 3 levels available, namely Apprentice, Specialist, and Master. Each one is assigned to a number of perks.

  • Apprentice: members in this level are eligible for exclusive content, gear, and Discord. Exclusive content refers to digital asset that can be put to good use by teams and players. As for gear, discounts are provided on some products. And Discord basically means members are invited to private Discord server.
  • Specialist: members in this level get all the benefits in level Apprentice plus extra perks as follows. First, the company can help teams create jerseys while keeping costs at a minimum. Second, members can get personalized opportunities, which include affiliate code, promotion, etc. Third, members are given the opportunity to do a stream takeover on Twitch.
  • Master: members in this level are rewarded with all the previous benefits with additional perks exclusive to this tier, such as sponsorship and custom activations. Sponsorship refers to a commercial agreement which involves a contract, while custom activations provide an invite to premium content.

Apply to KontrolFreek Sponsorship

Besides the Forge program, KontrolFreek has another one called the Creators program.

It allows you to gain extra income by promoting the company’s products.

There’s no mention of affiliate on the page, but the way it’s worded implies that it’s indeed an affiliate program.

For example, the first point in the list of perks is partners can earn a commission on every sale generated.

Doesn’t it ring a bell to you? To be honest, it sounds a lot like an affiliate program.

By the way, qualified sales can be traced using a unique discount code.

There are more benefits for partners, such as access to new products and logos for marketing purposes.

Step up your game, drive as many sales as possible, it will open the door for more opportunities.

In case you’re interested, please fill out the form on the following link.