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Bose Gaming Sponsorship 2022

When it comes to immaculate sound technology, it’s impossible to skip Bose because its audio products are out of this world.

However, it can’t be separated from the tremendous effort it has put forth throughout the years into perfecting its technology.

The company uses some of its profits for development, so that it can bring new innovations to the table.

Regarding the history, the founding of the company dates back to 1964, formed by Dr. Amar G. Bose.

While based in the U.S., it also has offices spread across continents, including Asia, Australia, and Europe.

As we know, Bose is synonymous with audio.

The products aren’t only geared toward entertainment, but also cater to other industries, such as automotives and aviation.

If you need a pair of headphones for gaming, Bose has created some of the finest gaming headphones ever.

It also offers other products like iPods and Bluetooth speakers.

Today, Bose has become an established brand for audiophiles.

Before all these advanced products even came into the picture, there was the Bose 2201.

It was the first product the company came up with and is known for its iconic design and fascinating array of 22 speakers.

Today, Bose products are becoming more diverse, and buyers have many to choose from.

Bose Sponsorship 2022

Bose has jumped on the eSports train, but it’s not the only sport that it shows support for.

The company also has partnerships with teams outside of eSports.

Rugby Australia, for instance, had inked a 2-year deal with the company where Bose took the role of an official audio sponsor for the Australian sevens teams.

The teams had the opportunity to use a variety of Bose products while competing or off the field.

Meanwhile, in the eSports scene, Riot Games announced that Bose has become a sponsor for the LoL tournaments across the globe.

The events in question include the All-Star Event and the World Championship.

As usual, the support came from product support. Players, coaches, and others covered in the agreement could get their hands on Bose products like the noise-cancelling headset.

By the way, this partnership couldn’t be more appropriate.

Communication is everything in competitive gaming, which is why quality sound equipment is necessary.

With Bose products, players don’t have to worry about in-game sound problems.

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