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Own3D Gaming Sponsorship 2022

Own3D is a one-stop shopping solution to those who want to make their livestreams more interactive.

The company has a mission to give streamers things they need to present themselves in a personal way.

If you’re on the lookout for emotes, badges, and similar items that will turn your streaming into an amazing spectacle, then you should definitely check out products from this company.

It’s quite new to the scene, has been around since 2017. But surprisingly, the catalogue is incredibly vast with over 10 thousand of products available for purchase.

It’s easy to find items on the site because each they’re grouped into categories.

For example, under ‘Animated’ products, you can find several sections, such as Talking Overlays, Webcam Overlays, and more.

There are also Static products which include Youtube banners and desktop wallpapers.

The best part is in each section, there’s an explanation about the specific products listed under it.

That greatly helps because not all people are aware of graphics they can use to improve the livestreams.

Being a good streamer doesn’t make you good at graphics designing.

If you have no problem making attractive content yet fall short in making good animation, this company can help you with that.

image credit: own3d.tv

Own3D Sponsorship 2021

It’s important to note that livestreaming and competitive gaming are two different worlds although they are somehow related.

For example, many pro gamers have Youtube and Twich accounts to connect with their fans.

The partnerships Own3D has had aren’t limited to only eSports teams, but also other parties.

In eSports, however, it has worked with G2 eSports, one of the prestigious organizations in Europe.

It has sent teams to tournaments across titles, such as CS:GO and Valorant.

In association with eSports, the company had the opportunity to set up one of the first Valorant competitions.

Outside eSports, it has teamed up with several parties, such as Streamlabs, Alpha Gaming, and Tipeeestream.

The outline / profile on each partnership can be found the website. For instance, with streamLabs the company has entered into a partnership since 2019.

Part of the deal is for Streamlabs to make Own3D designs accessible to its users.

Another partner, Alpha Gaming, is A youtube channel that publishes content about streaming.

Apply to Own3D Sponsorship

Own3D has a partner program. While it’s not labeled as an affiliate program, the way it works resembles one.

With this program, you can earn commissions on qualified sales. It invites streamers to generate a new revenue stream.

Since Own3D is an expert in graphics design, it also provides amazing graphics in which partners can use to personalize their profile.

There are several steps to take to create an account. First you need to enter your email address on this page. Scroll down until you see the name and email address fields.

Usually we’re provided with an application form right on a page. In this program, you’re required to insert your email.

The registration link will be sent via email. And once activated, you can start promoting the link.

How much can you earn from this program?

You can earn a 30% commission on each sale, which is a high rate actually.