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Sneak Energy Gaming Sponsorship 2022

Energy drinks aren’t exactly a new thing for most of us. They have been around for ages and used to give us an instant energy boost.

There are various substances found in such drinks, such as caffeine.

Caffeine is everywhere around us because it’s in your coffee and tea. But what’s the correlation between this compound and gaming?

Does caffeine intake give you a competitive edge over others?

To be honest, caffeine is not some kind of magic potion that turns you into a skilled gamer. It all still comes down to your skills and the amount of training you’ve had.

That said, caffeine can help by maintaining your focus for longer. The stimulating effect is what will bring out your full potential.

It’s normal to lose focus after playing for several hours.

Caffeine can come to the rescue by boosting your alertness. It works by being a replacement for adenosine in the brain, which is known as a nervous system depressant.

Caffeine does the opposite with its stimulating effect. If you need an energy drink to get you going, you can buy it from Sneak Energy.

This brand sells a variety of energy drinks with various flavors and packages. They come in sachets, cans, and tubs.

Each product also has a nutrition facts label, so that you can read all the ingredients in it.

Caffeine is one of the many substances added to these products. There are also L-Tyrosine, L-Theanine, riboflavin, biotin, and more.

Sneak Energy Sponsorship

Sneak Energy has tapped into eSports by partnering with NRG. They collaborated to make content and merchandise.

The company took to Twitter to announce the partnership in which they confirmed that they would take part in creating merch and being involved in content creation as well as events.

NRG said that it felt honored to work with the company because they loved the aesthetics.

NRG had its own team to produce content, but it didn’t make them less excited about the deal. The content encompassed many things, including BTS footage and gamer profiles.

NRG competed in numerous titles, such as Rocket League, Fortnite, and CS:GO.

They had a history of choosing sponsors that resonated with them, so it didn’t really surprise us when they decided to add the brand to their list.

Apply to Sneak Energy

Sneak Energy not only has collaborative work with established teams. Through its sponsorship program, you’re also invited to join.

The company has a mission to inspire people to create. As with the work with NRG, it also invites its members to team up on content.

There are many benefits you can get. The first one is product support.

Since the company produces energy drinks, expect to receive them as rewards. You’ll also be among the first to know if there are new launches.

Another perk is that you can create a creator code. For your information, this offer isn’t limited to only streamers.

Those who work in the fields of podcasting, graphics designing, videography can also join the program.

Don’t ever think you’re not good for it since pros and amateurs are both welcomed. Of course, the company will have the final say on whether you’re accepted or not.

All it wants is for you to keep doing what you’ve been doing. There’s no need to send a submission. It will keep an eye on your progress.

Update: Sneak Energy does not accept sponsorship as of February 2022. We’re keeping an eye on it and will update this page as soon as it’s available.