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GT Omega Gaming Sponsorship for Gamers and Streamers 2022

GT Omega is one of the leading manufacturers of gaming chairs.

The company started from humble beginnings in 2009, and although its line of chairs really stands out, it has other products on offer, such as racing cockpits, wheel stands, and other accessories.

The company has a mission to give customers things they need to set up proper simulation gaming. Besides, it also strives to keep prices accessible for many, so that more can enjoy the products.

Another aspect of business it tries its best to deliver is after-sales support.

A quality product will lose some of its value when the company isn’t willing to invest time in aftercare support.

Not all gamers are experts in gaming equipment. Many still need guidance for difficulties they face down the road.

GT Omega deserves all the praise and appreciation because it puts effort in making people happy after buying and using its products.

And with feedback received from customers, it continues to evolve for the better.

Should you buy a chair from this brand? If quality is something you don’t want to compromise, then yes.

GT Omega has consistently maintained its status as a go-to brand for quality gaming chairs.

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GT Omega Sponsorship

There are some notable partnerships between GT Omega and eSports organizations.

The first one is Counter Logic Gaming. Players of the organization were equipped with the GT Omega Pro XL Series chair, which was up for sale later.

A representative gave his remark on the deal, said that they were thrilled about the deal with GT Omega because the saw it as a prestigious brand especially on a worldwide scale.

Another entry on this list is Magic Gaming.

The news broke out early in 2019. At that time, Magic Gaming revealed that GT Omega would be its official gaming chair partner.

The deal yielded a specially-designed chair which was used by the players.

It also resulted in giveaways and discounts for the fans.

Magic Gaming was happy with decision to work with the manufacturer as it could help them grow more.

Apply to GT Omega Sponsorship

First off, we gotta tell you that an affiliate program in available, but please pay attention to the requirements.

The average partner has around 2000 followers or 100-150 viewers. That means before joining, you need to have this ready.

If you haven’t reached the mark, yet, then take time to grow your following first.

And don’t forget to create a Paypal account because it would be the payment processor for your commissions.

Additionally, the company provides a dashboard to track your sales and commissions.

It’s worth-noting that members are grouped into several tiers. Here are the benefits of each tier:

  • Tier One: 2-6% commission, exclusive offers
  • Tier Two: 5-10% commission, free product, higher commission rates on select campaigns.
  • Tier Three: 7-15% commission, exposure on the company’s social media pages, product allowance for giveaways, gift pack, and other perks.
  • Tier Four: 8-17% commission, financial support, and more.

Excited to see how far you can climb up? Then be a member first, here’s the online form to sign up.