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ASTRO Gaming Sponsorship 2022

For those unaware, ASTRO is part of the multi-brand company of Logitech.

Most of us are familiar with Logitech considering it’s one of the top manufacturers of PC peripherals.

Just like Logitech, ASTRO also has a fascinating array of products, including headsets, controllers, mixamps, and accessories.

Speaking of the company’s history, it turns out that ASTRO is a spin-off from Astro Studios.

And today, it has made its way to eSports as a major headset supporter for various events.

And with a long experience behind them, the company wishes to provide people with the most authentic gaming experience.

They do it by making equipment geared toward gamers.

Whether you’re a pro or a noob, products by this brand can help you progress and improve your skills.

If you want to know the complete catalog of the company, go visit the official site.

ASTRO Gaming Sponsorship 2022

ASTRO isn’t new to the eSports scene. It has been showing support for the industry for years now.

There are some instances of that, like when it teamed up with Infused to boost the reach of ASTRO eSports across Europe and the UK.

The reason why it felt honorable to have that partnership is because they had seen the ups and downs until it was met with great success.

Throughout the years, Infused has sent teams to compete in prestigious tournaments for different titles.

ASTRO has proved that it’s here to support infused and help it advance further.

Long after the initial partnership, the company agreed to hand out another contract for the organization.

The 2-year deal would give it more opportunities and benefits, all of which would help it reach new heights in the industry.

By the way, if you’re looking for a streamer sponsorship, we can’t locate that sort of page on the site.

Streamer sponsorships are a popular method to support established and emerging talents.

These programs typically offer a range of benefits and come in multiple tiers.

The higher the level, the more benefits one can get.

While it may not announce it publicly, there could be a similar program offered behind the scenes.

Apply to ASTRO Gaming Sponsorship

You can join the AstroGaming affiliate program through a third-party network like Avantlink or Amazon.

Here are the details of the program on Avantlink: Partners can earn a 5% commission on each sale they generate.

It has a cookie lifetime of up to 180 days. That means as long as the history can still be tracked within the period, you’ll be eligible for a commission if someone decides to buy something through your link.

There are many more benefits that partners can get, like dedicated affiliate management and updated creative. To sign, click on this link.

Scroll down until you see the traditional and influence boxes. Select the option that suits you the most.

Right after selection, an application form will pop up.

As usual, you have to fill in the necessary fields. Tick the Terms of Service box, and then hit the sign-up button.

That’s it. All you have to do next is wait for a reply. Once approved, you can start promoting.