Tt esports gaming sponsorship

Tt eSports Gaming Sponsorship 2022

Tt eSports is a Thermaltake division, a company that produces computer hardware and peripherals, like fans, chassis, memory, keyboards, etc.

Being a gaming division of the company, Tt eSports puts more focus on creating a line of products that will help gamers level-up their skills and rise above the competition.

It also aims to take the ‘by gamers and for gamers’ concept to the next level.

There’s a lot Tt eSports has done to support the growth of the industry.

Apart from making fantastic gaming gear, it also forms partnerships with teams and streamers.

It’s consistent with its mission to challenge new talents to compete with those already established in the industry.

If you’re wondering what type of support these teams get, the company outfits them with items like headsets, keyboards, and other essentials.

Hopefully, the players can give their best effort to succeed in events they compete in.

Products from this brand are accessible all around the world. However, it’s advised to buy from a supplier in your geographic region because it would be more efficient.

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Tt eSports Sponsorship

What does it take to get sponsorship from Tt eSports?

The brand defines teams it’d love to partner with as mid and top-tier teams with the same goals.

Tt eSports wants the industry to advance to a higher level. If you own a team or are a player who meets the criteria, you can submit your application.

Don’t expect to get an instant reply because a company of this caliber would receive numerous applications regularly.

If a week passes without anything in your inbox, don’t despair because it may come in a week or so.

There are several benefits that an approved team can get. The first one is the gaming accessories.

Take a look at the array of products that the company sells. That’s the kind of equipment your team will be eligible for.

Another excellent benefit is brand marketing.

Despite the level of popularity a team has achieved, Tt eSports will always boost exposure by promoting it on its social media accounts.

In other words, anything related to the team will be broadcasted to the followers.

Apply to Tt eSports Sponsorship

Sponsorships offered by Tt eSports are mainly aimed at teams who want to boost their presence in eSports.

Streamers are also welcome to join. However, as far as affiliate programs are concerned, there’s no page on the website that indicates this sort of program exists.

If you’re not new to affiliate marketing, we’re sure you know details commonly included in an affiliate invitation.

Such details aren’t available on Tt eSports website, unfortunately. Most of the info displayed here centers around the products, its involvement in eSports, suppliers in a different region, FAQs, etc.

What about being a reseller?

Reselling distances itself from affiliate marketing in how you make money. Instead of earning a commission, you earn a profit by selling a product at a higher price.

To learn more about the program, you can send your application through this link.