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AKRacing Gaming Sponsorship for Gamers and Streamers 2022

When it comes to gaming chairs, there are prominent brands that people recommend a lot because they feel satisfied as first-hand users.

AKRacing is on that list. With its quality products, AKRacing has successfully joined the lineup of major brands in the gaming chair market.

It’s not only used by professionals, but also casual gamers.

The company was founded in 2001 by Chard Lee. At first, it specialized in making seats for cars, but later expanded to the gaming industry with its own products.

There are many reasons to love chairs from this brand. Apart from the great build quality, the designs are also well-thought out by incorporating basics of ergonomics.

This not only allows the chairs to have a longer lifespan, but they also provide the highest level of comfort.

Moreover, they can offset negative implications of prolonged sitting, such as muscle fatigue and aching.

The company crafts chairs with various models and colors to give people more choices.

They are also constructed using top-grade materials to ensure better durability.

Steel frames, thick upholstery, durable leather, are a few elements that can be found in its selection of chairs.

image credit: eu.akracing.com

AKRacing Sponsorship

It’s great to see endemic brands take the plunge in the eSports industry because players and teams need them to progress further.

It turns out that AKRacing also wants to take part in the growth of the industry.

The company does it by teaming up with eSports organizations. For instance, it became an official sponsor of the LEC. Riot Games had announced it at some point.

It was a good move on the manufacturer’s part. It needed the boost to popularize its products among eSports enthusiasts.

There are some other teams it has partnered with, such as Team Torpedo, Team Dignitas, and Hellraisers.

Team Dignitas especially revealed the exciting news on its site.

The partnership yielded 2 new branded chairs for AKRacing to promote on its store and resellers.

The first chair was called the Team Dignitas Edition – Max, was covered in PU leather with a specially-embroidered logo on the backrest.

The second chair was named The Pro Edition, made of fabric for the upholstery. It also had the team’s logo on it.

Apply to AKRacing Sponsorship

It’s common for brands to collaborate with established organizations to further increase brand popularity.

Some also work with up and coming teams. But for aspiring teams or athletes, they need to reach out first.

It makes sense because new players are still building a name for themselves, so it takes time to get noticed.

Another popular type of program is an affiliate program, which luckily the company has that, too.

This doesn’t require you to start a team or be a player. But instead, your job is to help generate more sales for the company.

In return, you’ll be rewarded with commissions.

It can be a steady income stream if you take it seriously. By the way, the commission rate is 5%, and the accumulated revenue will be paid monthly.

There are more benefits members can enjoy. First, there’s a personalized dashboard to keep track of sales.

And then, it offers a generous cookie window, up to 30 days. Here’s the application form in case you want to join.