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Cooler Master Gaming Sponsorship 2022

CoolerMaster is a Taiwanese hardware manufacturer which sells a range of products, such as power supplies, cooling pads, cases, and accessories.

It also makes cooling solutions for other manufacturers and some of the clients are IT Giants like NVIDIA and AMD.

CoolerMaster believes that a gaming machine should reflect the owner’s personality.

As we know, some gamers prefer to build PCs from scratch and decide everything down to the last detail because it’s more satisfying. This principle also applies to products that the company creates.

Since it’s impossible to please everyone, CoolerMaster offers a variety of components to meet the different needs of custom PC lovers.

Whether you’re new to gaming or a veteran, that’s not a problem. The company is ready to help you realize your dream PC.

Despite the diverse products, CoolerMaster is a specialist when it comes to cooling systems.

These devices are necessary to control heat produced by PC components.

Failure to dissipate excess heat can lead to problems like slowing down, complete shutdown, and even component damage.

Hence, trust this brand for your PC thermal solution.

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Cooler Master Sponsorship

CoolerMasters fits in the endemic category judging by the types of products released.

That would be a great opportunity for the brand to promote to the eSports audience because the products are relevant to the ecosystem.

Apparently, the company saw that and formed a partnership with Dark Sided.

For those unaware, Dark Sided is an eSports organization based in Australia.

It has teams competing in titles like CS:GO, Dota 2, Fortnite, and Hearthstone.

The organization’s history dates back to 2009, when it played as one of the best gear of War teams.

Fast forward to 2016, the team was born again with a mission to boost the eSports scene in the continent.

It seems that Dark Sided was so honored to collaborate with the company because they gave it much praise, saying that it’s a rewarding experience to build a custom PC.

For a DIY project, the items that CoolerMaster sells would come in handy.

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An affiliate program is a marketing tool where a company offers an incentive to anyone who can refer customers to the site.

Despite being effective and cost-efficient, not every company has this program. And it seems that CoolerMaster is one of those that don’t provide that opportunity.

There’s no page set up on the website for this purpose. The lack of information from third-part sites that review such programs doesn’t help, either.

What about being an Amazon associate?

As with other top tech brands, CoolerMaster also sells products on Amazon.

To join in, please create an account first. Once verified, you can start promoting the referral links.