webaround gaming sponsorship

Webaround Gaming Sponsorship for Gamers and Streamers 2022

Webaround is a company that makes several types of products, such as green screens, webcams, and lights.

All these are essential items for streaming.

There’s an interesting story of how they came up with the brand. To start with, the founder is a registered nurse who also identifies as an entrepreneur.

Back when she worked midnight shift, she saw a doctor using a robot to interact with patients online.

His face showed up on the cam in which he used a joystick to operate the robot.

Another night the doctor talked to a patient from the comfort of his own home.

One thing that bothered her, though, the background on which he appeared was a messy kitchen.

What he explained was important, but the setting kind of made it feel a little unprofessional.

That’s the night when the founder came up with an idea to help streamers avoid messiness on their livestreams.

Webaround has green screens in several sizes.

The smallest one measures 42 inches in diameter, while the medium one measures 52 inches and the largest is at 56 inches.

To find out how each unit can help with your broadcast, go to the product section and read all the details.

image credit: youtube.com

Webaround Sponsorship

Webaround shows support for the gaming community by helping develop the content creation side of it.

It also offers a sponsorship program that benefits streamers and gamers.

There are various perks one can enjoy.

First, it provides a free Webaround unit that can be used to camouflage the background in the gaming room.

Since it’s portable, it can be moved around easily.

Another perk is quarterly giveaway units.

Your task is simple, which is to bring attention to the brand and products. There are many other benefits you will get.

But to see all those, you need to be a member first.

What are the requirements?

According to the site, the typical partner has around 1,083 followers on Instagram, 2,205 of followers on Twitter, 4,745 Youtube subscribers, videos averaging 2,200 views, 2 livestreams each month.

If you’re new to the streaming scene, they may be difficult to reach.

But if you’ve been around for a couple of years, you might have exceeded all the marks by now.

Apply to Webaround Sponsorship

The company does have an affiliate program running. All you have to do is click on this link.

A pop-up form will appear on the page. Please fill in the fields with correct information.

Double check before sending the application to ensure you haven’t missed a single detail as it will affect your chances of getting approved.

Once sent, wait for a few days. They typically respond in up to 5 business days.

Give it time because submissions are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Following approval, you’ll get your own referral link and code, which is designed for easy tracking.

Any transaction made through the link will be credited to you.

The good thing about this program is it sets no payment thresholds.

In other words, there’s no need to wait until a certain amount is reached. It will be paid to you every month.

By the way, there are no fixed rates here.

The commission percentages vary between members.