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NZXT Gaming Sponsorship 2022

When it comes to gaming equipment, it’s important to focus on quality as it affects your experience.

NZXT is an expert in this area. It produces high-quality PC components and accessories that meet the needs of every avid gamer.

As a brand, it continues to inspire gaming enthusiasts all around the world to build the most fascinating computers.

The company has a goal to constantly evolve and create products that gamers can rely on. It’s no secret that a gaming system needs to be approached in a way that allows it to handle the most demanding tasks.

With years of experience, NZXT strives to please buyers with its remarkable products. There are many you find in the catalogue. Just visit the official site to discover them.

Of all the products, you might be interested in the cases, which are put under the H-series.

Not only do they sport ultra modern designs, but they also come with features that boost their functionality.

Besides the PC case lineup, you shouldn’t miss others, such as coolers, audio devices, accessories, etc.

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NZXT Sponsorship

It totally makes sense for a company that specializes in making gaming hardware and accessories to venture into eSports because the industry is hot right now.

Earlier this year, NZXT made an announcement that it would support 100 Thieves, one of the established eSports organizations.

It agreed to provide team members with BLD gaming PCs, which would give them the ammunition needed to battle against the tough opponents in the field.

The deal was made because the company felt that 100 Thieves’ passion and values were aligned with theirs.

It’s naïve to think you didn’t see it coming because 100 Thieves has the success to draw sponsors in. In just 2 years, the organization has cemented its status as a prestigious team in the eSports scene.

Of the long-list of achievements, winning 2 Call of Duty tournaments and good placements across Fortnite events are some of them.

Apply to NZXT Sponsorship

Having an eSports team isn’t the only way to form a partnership with the company. It only invites those who want to take part in promoting its products.

The company describes affiliates as partners who have a strong passion for gaming and know a lot about the PC building scene.

To be an affiliate, you simply have to submit an application. After that, just wait until its representative comes back with an answer.

Well, depending on the outcome, you may not receive a response from them. For this reason, build your resume first before contacting the company.

How much can you make?

At the time of writing, you can earn a 4% commission on each sale.

And that was actually just the starting figure. If the company thinks you show good performance throughout your journey as an affiliate, you may earn more per sale.

The program works similarly as any other affiliate. Once approved, you’ll be provided with a unique referral link.

Your job is to promote it to your visitors, so that they click on it. You’ll earn if they decide to make purchases through the link.

As for payments, they are processed with Shareasale. You can set it up later when you’re accepted into the program.

How can I get NZXT to sponsor me?

The company does not go into depth regarding the qualifications that a candidate must have. Some programs are very severe about meeting the requirements, such as having a specific number of Twitch followers, Youtube subscribers, concurrent viewers, and so forth.

However, this does not imply that the corporation dismisses all of these concerns. We feel that good statistics will still help you get approved.

We’ll go over the requirements that the company has for this program:

  • You should be a content creator on any network, such as Tiktok, Youtube, or Twitch.
  • You should be fluent in English. This requirement is clarified on the sponsorship page. Whether English is your first language or not, the organization is definitely looking for someone who can communicate well in English.
  • You should have a soft spot for video games. You may be a Tiktoker and have a burning passion for video games, just as you can be famous on Twitter and consider games a hobby. The corporation is unconcerned with the system you utilize. We think you should join if you spend a lot of time playing video games, whether on a handheld device, a desktop PC, or a home console.
  • You have to live by the company’s values and work hard to help people in the community.

Don’t be a slacker; take your role as a content developer seriously. The organization requires individuals who consistently produce high-quality materials.

This is not just for the profit of the company, but also to keep your followers interested.

Viewers dislike feeling abandoned. They’ve spent many hours watching your feeds and films, so please reward them.

There is no need to upload several films every week or to stream them at all hours of the day and night.

Just stick to the same schedule, so people know when to check back for new information.