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DigitalStorm Gaming Sponsorship 2022

None can deny that the gaming industry is on a roll right now. Gaming is no longer seen just as a hobby, but many have also made a living out of doing it professionally.

Another proof that the industry is blooming is that there are many gaming hardware manufacturers that try to penetrate the market with their broad range of products.

Well, Digital Storm isn’t exactly a newcomer considering it was founded in 2002. However, it’s likely that you are still unfamiliar with the brand.

As with other companies in this niche, Digital Storm puts quality and technology at the forefront because it is totally aware of the audience for the products.

Gaming isn’t about aesthetics, but performance. That’s why the company incorporates cutting-edge technology into the making of the products.

It also constantly levels up the performance of the hardware, so that buyers can enjoy the most effortless experience.

The commitment to maintaining has it receiving some prestigious titles from industry publications.

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Digital Storm Sponsorship

Just because there are no clear details on sponsorships doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

If you’re confident enough with your resume, you can try to apply for a sponsorship deal. It’s better to do it when your goals are aligned with the company’s mission.

Since Digital Storm sells gaming products, then your proposal should also be about gaming. If for example you aspire to be an Olympics athlete, then seeking a sponsorship from this company seems out of place.

Not that it won’t come into existence, but these are completely different industries.

If you’re nurturing an eSports team, then it would make sense to ask the company about a potential deal.

It could be anything, but you can expect the agreement to include hardware for the whole team since Digital Storm specializes in making high-performance gaming machines.

Apply to Digital Storm Sponsorship

Unfortunately, the company doesn’t state clearly about sponsorship, neither can you find info about affiliate opportunities.

Bear in mind that this won’t be the first or the last company that doesn’t specify such details.

What should you do if you come across a company like this?

There are two options. First, you can contact them via email and ask if they have any sponsorship programs available.

Second, you can just move on and look elsewhere because it’s not mandatory for a gaming PC manufacturer to offer sponsorships.

If one decides to show support, then it should be up to them. Perhaps, they want to contribute to the growth of eSports. Just don’t feel discouraged because eSports is a lucrative market.

There are many brands that will pay top dollars to reach new audiences and bring attention to their products. Of course, you don’t expect to a company to offer a deal without something in return.

They’d demand you to give something back, which could be exposure or another. Exposure is still a popular part of a deal, though.

If you often see players’ jerseys full of logos on them, that’s not ornamentation or anything.

Those logos represent companies that have inked partnerships with the teams that employ the players.