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Streamlabs Prime Gaming Sponsorship 2022

If you’ve gotten into streaming for a while now, odds are you’ve been familiar with Streamlabs.

But, what about Streamlabs Prime?

For the record, it’s still related to the open broadcaster software. The word ‘Prime’ can give a clue of what it’s all about.

Yep, as you may suggest, Streamlabs is a premium tool kit aimed to provide streamers with a better livestreaming experience.

It comes as an option for those who use this software. In other words, it’s not mandatory at all.

If you take streaming seriously, this can help present content more professionally. The long list of features is another reason why you should subscribe to it.

We’ll touch on a couple of them. First, it offers a fascinating array of overlays.

There’s no need to look elsewhere or in this case, another company because Streamlabs Prime has a huge library of overlays.

The second great feature is it allows for simultaneous streams, which is useful to build fanbase.

With this, your followers don’t need to have their eyes glued on a particular platform because they have more options available.

Another benefit it has to offer is premium merchandise. Just head to the official site if you want to discover all the awesome features that come with this service.

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Streamlabs Prime Sponsorship

Curious about whether or not Streamlabs Prime has a sponsorship program?

You are in luck. Streamlabs has sponsorship opportunities for the Prime members.

For this reason, if you want to secure a deal, it’s advised to upgrade to Streamlabs Prime.

How do you do it? Go check out this page. To dive deep into the features, keep scrolling down.

It displays all the essential features that you can access by being a member. At the end of the page, there is the Join Prime button.

Click on it, a new page will hover over it needing you to log into your social or streaming account.

There are some options, such as Twitch, Facebook, Youtube, etc.

If you don’t have one, yet, then create an account on any of these platforms.

Once you’re signed in, you can follow the instruction.

When it comes to sponsorships, being a Prime member can bring you closer to brands in the industry.

Just be a loyal user of Streamlabs OBS if you want to see any of those opportunities.

Apply to Streamlabs Prime Sponsorship

You may expect to fill out a form like creating a usual sponsorship application.

But the most important step in this is to be a Prime Streamlabs member just like mentioned before.

Streamlabs has partnered with Powerspike to present opportunities to creators. You can earn money by doing the thing you like aka livestreaming.

Aside from sponsorships, there are many potential income sources for streamers.

Now if you succeed in getting a sponsorship, don’t forget about your job as a creator.

Please keep up the good work, so that the partner is interested in seeking a long-term partnership.

After fulfilling the responsibilities, you can wait for the reward or money.

It will be paid on time, so don’t worry.

Regarding the affiliate program, the page reveals that Streamlabs OBS affiliate is closed at the moment.