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Viper Gaming Sponsorship 2022

Viper Gaming is a brand owned by Patriot Memory, one of the leading companies when it comes to performance memory and SSDs.

Viper Gaming itself came into existence in 2019, introduced with a range of computer memory products.

Thanks to the determination and commitment in improving quality, Viper Gaming has become a benchmark for performance in the world of gaming.

Players from across the globe have acknowledged that Viper Gaming is a brand to trust.

2015 marked the year when Viper Gaming decided to diversify its products.

And now, we can find an array of quality gaming products sold on the store, such as mice, headsets, keyboards, to name a few.

Despite the good quality, they’re still accessible by many because the prices vary.

They not only cater to high-end consumers, but some are also affordable options. Price-to-performance is one of the essential factors in choosing a gaming product.

As it turns out, Viper Gaming strives to give it to buyers, so whatever you buy from the company, it should be worth it.

Now for those wondering about the parent company, Patriot Memory has been around for more than 3 decades.

The years of experience in high performance memory has taught them what gamers truly need and come up with products to help bring out their full potential.

Viper Gaming Sponsorship 2021

Viper Gaming sponsorship is perfect for those want to advance their careers.

The sponsorship is offered in 3 different tiers. Each one is packed with different benefits.

Tier Novice rewards members with discount code and free T-Shirt with purchase. They will also receive 15% off items.

Meanwhile, Tier Intermediate is assigned to these benefits; headset sponsorship, discount code, and free swag bag with purchase.

And just like the previous tier, it also includes a 15% discount on product purchases.

The last one is Tier Advanced which has the most benefits.

Those in this level can get free gear, full peripheral sponsorship, and they are also eligible for a 15% discount on peripherals as well as PC components.

That’s not the end of it. There are more perks provided, such as affiliate links and social support from Patriot.

So, who is this sponsorship for?

It’s designed for anyone who wants to kick their career into high gear.

Whether you’re new to the eSports scene or has a team that needs to be developed further, this may be good for you.

Apply to Viper Gaming Sponsorship

Although the details of the sponsorship are presented clearly, the page doesn’t include a form or an email address to which we’re supposed to send our application.

If you want to reach out to the company, you can head to the contact page.

Here’s the email we’ve found there ([email protected]).

Reveal your intentions by writing a message and then send it to email address just mentioned.

By the way, there’s a notice on the sponsorship page which states submitted information doesn’t automatically translate to a sponsorship.

You can submit an application, but they will be the one to decide if you will be approved or not.

Just make sure to write with substance, so that your intentions come off as pure and sincere.