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Netgear Gaming Sponsorship 2022

There is a computer, and then there is a connection. These two will always be inseparable especially when it comes to online gaming.

It’s hard to run a game smoothly when there’s no speedy connection to back it up. That’s why proper network equipment becomes necessary.

In supplementing your gaming station, powerful hardware isn’t the only thing matters.

You should also choose the right internet provider and equipment, so that you can play games and do other things like streaming seamlessly.

Netgear is here to help you with that.

It has a variety of products to improve the performance of your connection.

Cable modems, Wi-Fi routers, Wi-Fi range extenders, and Mesh wi-fi systems are some of the examples. Each one serves a different purpose.

A cable modem, for instance, is required to connect your gaming system with the ISP or Internet Service Provider.

Netgear has many options in this category, both modem and modem-router types.

If you have one already, consider adding other equipment to make the most of the connection.

With over 20 years of experience, Netgear knows networking solutions that everyone needs, not just for individuals, but also for businesses.

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Netgear Sponsorship

Netgear has shown support for the eSports ecosystem through partnerships with some eSports teams.

NRG eSports, for instance, had an opportunity to use the Nighthawk Pro Gaming products and be involved in boot camps organized at the Netgear headquarters.

The news came on the heels of NRG’s participation at the IEM held in Sidney. In that event, NRG fielded its CS:GO roster and it was the first for them to compete in a LAN-based event.

They had a good run competing in the title, peaking with a major win in the ECS. This partnership also marked Netgear’s continuous support for the eSports ecosystem.

Seoul Dynasty was another team that had a chance to ink a partnership with the networking company.

The eSports team played in the Overwatch League and was one of those managed by KSP eSports.

Besides working with teams, launching the Nighthawk Pro Gaming series also proved that Netgear wanted to build strong ties with eSports players and enthusiasts.

All products in the lineup are aimed to help new and pro players play in an environment that resembles a high-level tournament.

Apply to Netgear Sponsorship

We don’t see a page set up with info about an affiliate program on the official site. Perhaps, it means that the company doesn’t have that kind of sponsorship going on.

However, there’s a page that lists out all parties it has partnered with and some turn out to be major corporations that you should be familiar with.

Well, if you’re adamant about being an affiliate, there’s a solution. Netgear sells its products on Amazon. Since the Amazon affiliate program is for everyone, you can apply for one, too.

But to get a stamp of approval, you need to have a platform to promote the products.

First, you can be a Youtuber. A Youtube channel has many options for monetization. If you’re a loyal fan of Amazon, you can also market its products by putting links in the description box.

Second, you can promote the affiliate links through a website.

In fact, this is a popular method affiliates choose to spread their links. Just build a website or if you already have one with high traffic, include the products in posts and or widgets.