Razer Gaming Sponsorship

Razer Gaming Sponsorship 2022

Razer is a leading manufacturer of computer peripherals. Those who are into gaming would hear this name a lot.

Being awarded with the ‘Best of CES’ title 6 times speaks volumes about the company’s dedication to innovation and drive to rise above the competition.

And that was just one of the many achievements the company has received throughout the years. It also has had People’s Choice Award, Best Concept, and more under its belt.

Founded in 2005, Razer is easily recognizable from its triple-headed snake logo, probably one of the coolest designs a company has come up with.

Razer is more than just a nice logo, though. With quality to match and the word of mouth, it has grown to a level many could only dream of.

Thanks to the line of products geared towards gamers, the brand is also widely embraced by gaming enthusiasts.

Making quality peripherals isn’t the only thing the manufacturer excels at.

It also has an array of laptops for gaming and business use.

If you want to know all products Razer has made, please visit the official site.

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Razer Sponsorship

Razer is famous for the ‘For Gamers. By Gamers’ tagline. That alone can give an insight into the vision and mission of the company.

With products heavily influenced by gaming and marketed towards gamers, it only makes sense that this brand expands into eSports.

Razer shows its support for eSports through Team Razer, which is a collective of high-profile teams and players from across the world.

It’s proclaimed as the Elite, not really over the top since it has the wins to justify the moniker.

There are several teams that have joined under the direction of Razer, such as Pandacute, Copenhagen Flames, Alliance, Legacy esports, etc.

Each one of these has its own profile on the site. You can browse through the site to dig more information about them.

Apply to Razer Sponsorship

Razer actually has an affiliate program, but the best part is that the company explains everything in detail.

In other programs, you may find that the info provided barely scratches the surface, while here all the basics about the program are included, so there’s no more confusion in the end.

Here’s a recap of the points you should know.

  • Applications are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
  • Members are required to promote banners or links on their sites.
  • Visitors who click on the links will be redirected to Razerstore. Any purchase made through a referral link will earn you a commission of up to 20%.
  • It’s totally free to join the program.
  • It is at your discretion to close your account at any time.
  • To register, click on this link and follow the steps.