Red Bull Gaming Sponsorship

Red Bull Gaming Sponsorship 2022

Red Bull has become a major sponsor for many events, which has also catapulted it to immense popularity.

This brand is pretty much inescapable and many of us have at least heard of it or even know the official logo.

The company was founded in 1987 by Dietrich Materschitz. In 1992, it started to promote products overseas, reaching Slovenia and Hungary.

And about 5 years later in 1997, it arrived in the United States.

A lot had happened since, and today, the brand has been introduced to 171 countries and has produced more than 68 billion cans of drinks.

The rapid growth in the international market didn’t happen overnight. It’s mostly driven by never-ending promotional campaigns.

One great strategy it has done to reach wider audiences is by having a presence on social media.

Targeting different demographics allows it to maximize the reach of the brand.

The company also learned that people in different groups could share similar interests.

It tries to engage with them by having a bunch of accounts and pages set up on all platforms. This way, it could provide diverse types of content to different people within every service.

Red Bull Sponsorship

It’s not surprising to see this brand’s foray into eSports given how massive the promotional campaigns it has launched in recent years.

One of the partnerships it has had is a multi-year deal with T1 entertainment & sports.

The organization is primarily known for its prolific League of Legends team.

The brand thoroughly supports players and teams joining under the banner, including those competing in Fortnite, PUBG Mobile, and other titles.

Faker, which is one of the known figures in LoL, gave his remark on this partnership.

As a gamer in competitive gaming, he couldn’t be happier with this alliance because he himself drank energy drinks while training.

He also added that everyone at T1 welcomed this partnership with much enthusiasm.

There were many things the company provided in support of the players, such as the right to use training resources in California and Austria.

For the record, the eSports organization was brought to life in 2019.

It has numerous achievements under its belt. The LoL team, for instance, has secured 3 world championships.

Apply to Red Bull Sponsorship

There’s a sponsorship page set up on the Red Bull official site, but the information stated there is quite broad for us to understand the specific perks one can get after signing up.

There is a part saying that the partnership invites those who inspire other people with their creativity and personality.

This message can be perceived in various ways. Right below the statement in the application form.

If you’re interested in the program, you can fill it out and then hit ‘Submit’ in the end.

As for an affiliate program, it’s likely not available, which is understandable given the level of popularity it has reached.

This sort of program is often used by a company to bring in more sales and customers.

Red Bull has reached a point where everyone knows about the brand, so it probably doesn’t need help from affiliate marketers to build awareness for its brand and products.

Update Feb 2022: Red Bull sponsors athletes in a variety of sports (including eSports/Gamer). Unfortunately, they are not currently accepting sponsorship applications.