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MAXNOMIC Gaming Sponsorship for Gamers for Streamers 2022

MAXNOMIC is a gaming chair brand made by a company named Needforseat.

The company started out in 2011 and by 2014, it created its line of gaming chairs.

They are specifically developed for gaming purposes. Thus, anyone who is into eSports can use them.

Though the company originated in Germany, it also operates in the US.

What makes it a good brand for gaming chairs?

MAXNOMIC outlines every aspect that makes its products stand out on its website.

The first one is seat back adjustment. The chairs can recline 49 degrees backward and 7 degrees forward.

This puts the user into the most relaxing sitting position.

Don’t worry that they may tip over because safety measures have been implemented.

Another highlight of the chairs is the ergonomic designs.

This has become a growing concern in eSports because the back is quite vulnerable to excessive sitting.

Thanks to the backrest embedded in each chair, the lumbar region will have proper support.

The best part is it comes with a control knob for easy adjustment.

In terms of robustness, MAXNOMIC really did a good job. It utilizes durable materials for all parts of the chair.

The metal base further levels up the impact resistance. It uses aluminum, which is known for its strength.

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MAXNOMIC Gaming Sponsorship

Seeing the list of streamers that have partnered with the brand, you may think that it goes all out with the marketing strategy.

Well, that’s how you’re supposed to build brand recognition.

If you’re curious about all streamers and companies that have deals in place with the company, you can check out the partner page, but we’re going to include some here:

  • Tfue: He’s like one of the most recognizable faces in the world of eSports. He plays for Faze Clan, and specializes in Fortnite. Many go as far as saying he’s the best player for the title. Go see his gameplay to see how good he is at the battle royale game.
  • MoonLiteWolf: She plays several games, such as Battlefield, Apex Legends, and Overwatch. She has also been appointed as an Xbox ambassador.
  • Ship: this guy is from Buffalo, NY. He pursued streaming as a full time job starting in March 2018, and in a matter of months, he got a deal. He’s very grateful to the fans because they have helped him get this far.
  • Timthetatman: He’s a famous figure on Twitch, known for his ability in playing Fortnite. He also has a Youtube channel under the same name.

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Despite the long list of partners the company has worked with, unfortunately the affiliate program doesn’t seem to have the same faith.

Basically, it’s not available for the moment.

As we’ve talked about before, streamer and affiliate programs are different although they can be combined.

In a streamer program, as long as you have a value to offer to a company, it doesn’t matter if you bring in extra sales or not.

The sponsorship could be provided as a way to support players who are still at an early stage of their career.

An affiliate program, on the other hand, is known for offering commissions on qualified sales.