Best Twitch Extensions for Firefox

7 Best Twitch Extensions for Firefox [2022]

Twitch extensions can be configured by logging in to your account and tweaking some settings before activating them. Now the question is, which browser should you use to access them?…

Twitch extensions can be configured by logging in to your account and tweaking some settings before activating them.

Now the question is, which browser should you use to access them?

For smooth performance, try an efficient browser like Chrome or Firefox.

Although Chrome still leads the race with its staggering market share, Firefox can measure up in terms of utility and portability.

Beside, it’s probably been your favorite web browser all this time, so it’s hard to leave it for another.

Well, you can install Twitch extensions without switching browsers, anyway.

Best Twitch Extensions for Firefox

1. Twitter Timeline

popular tool to enchance twitch experience

Many gamers use Twitter as a platform to share their thoughts.

If you’re just as busy tweeting as you are streaming, connecting both would be nice.

This extension displays a stream of tweets on your broadcast. The most exciting part is that it supports all types of content, not only text.

If you like to attach videos, pictures, and GIFs, expect them to show up on your Twitch stream.

2. Dynamic Follow Buttons

twitch follow button firefox

Some viewers don’t even bother to hit the follow button despite being regulars on a channel.

It’s not necessarily that they don’t want to follow, but they’re likely the passive type who waits for encouragement to do something.

Well, this extension can prompt an immediate response from these types of users.

By reminding them to follow, they may do it quickly, especially for the long-time lurkers.

This extension can be enabled as a video overlay or a button. Other than that, you can also use it to bring awareness to other channels.

3. Teespring Merch Store

twitch merchandise firefox

The merch industry is huge, and devoted fans usually won’t hesitate to buy items released or worn by their favorite streamer.

If you want to generate a new income stream, adding this extension to your broadcast is a great idea.

Teespring is a trustworthy platform, acknowledged by streamers all around the world.

There are many features it has to offer. Apart from chart alerts and interactive OBS, it also comes integrated with a checkout system.

Additionally, it accepts shipping to over a hundred countries. You can maximize profits since the store helps serve buyers from across the globe.

4. LiveGallery: Image Library

image gallery extension for firefox

The name pretty much says it all about the use of this extension. Live Gallery is an app to post an image gallery in which viewers can also contribute by posting their own pics in exchange for bits.

You need to set the amount they need to send to be granted permission to upload a picture.

This can bring solidarity among viewers, especially the fans. They don’t seem to mind spending big bucks to make their support known to their favorite streamer.

This is one of the little things you can do to make them happy. By the way, the uploaded picture will show up on the right side of the screen.

It also has built-in AI technology to detect images that could potentially be offensive.

5. Say it Live

twitch live firefox extension

This extension can speak text a viewer types in. Anyone who uses it will be visible on the live stream.

Say It Live has attracted a considerable number of users.

It claimed continually accumulates more than 6 thousand channels each month. It also sees upwards of 3 million unique viewers for the same period.

This extension is great for a new channel that’s still trying to build a following.

It helps you connect with your audience and engage with them. Hopefully, the friendly interaction will encourage them to be followers.

6. Quiz Kit

twitch quiz extension firefox

Quizzes are a great source of entertainment and knowledge, so why not organize your own with this extension, right?

There are new ones coming on a weekly basis. To save the trouble of making it from scratch, you can select one from the preloaded quizzes.

You get to decide between the knockout mode or points mode.

Beside these, there are other variables the user can control, like the time for disclosing an answer or the next question.

After a string of questions, viewers will see their rankings on the leaderboard.

7. Stream Stickers

stream sticker extension firefox

Install this extension for an extra visual flair while earning some revenue from the bits integration.

You can earn for every sticker a viewer uses on the stream.

It also features a chat bot to remind viewers of the stickers they can use to bring some joy to the community.

Moreover, streamers are allowed to upload personal sounds and stickers.

Another highlight is the party-meter that will encourage viewers to use more bits to reach the target. There’s a large selection of stickers, even GIFs.

Does the extension work on mobile? Yes it does. Not only that, it’s also compatible with software encoders like XSplit and OBS Studio.

Is BTTV available on Firefox?

Yes, just navigate to the extension page on the web browser and type in “BTTV” in the search box.

There will be a few results, but the legit one is the most popular, with over 380.000 users. It has a smiley box as the thumbnail.

How do I get Better TTV on Firefox?

Better TTV, or abbreviated as BTTV, is a browser extension that allows you to enhance the experience of using Twitch chat. To get it on Firefox is very straightforward, just as explained before.

All you have to do is open the extension menu, locate it using the search feature, and then add it to Firefox.

Once the installation is done, visit Twitch and do the configuration in the chat settings.

Is Twitch better on Firefox?

With a clean interface, Firefox is actually a good browser to access Twitch.

As long as there are no network problems or CPU-intensive apps running in the background, you should be able to watch a Twitch stream at 1080p resolution.

How do I get Twitch to work on Firefox?

If there’s a problem with loading a Twitch stream properly, the underlying cause is probably corrupted cookies and cache.

You need to clear them to return the browser to its fresh state. To do it, click on the library menu icon that looks like three horizontal lines.

Select “History” from the list, and then “Clear Recent History.” Tick the “Cookies” and “Cache” boxes, and hit the “Clear Now” button.

That’s it. Now try to load the stream again to see if it works.

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