5-Hour Energy Gaming Sponsorship

5-Hour Energy Gaming Sponsorship 2022

5-Hour Energy is a brand of energy drinks that are sold all over the world.

It has a lot of different things that come in different flavors and shapes. If you need a quick energy boost to get you going, this company is the one for you.

You’ll also be able to see and taste the great flavors. Other nutrients, such as amino acids and vitamins, are added to the products, which will help them work better.

5-Hour Energy comes with shots and drinks. They’re both food supplements that have ingredients that can help you get more energy.

As with other performance-enhancing products, they have enough caffeine in them to be safe. So, don’t worry about overdoing it as long as you use it in the right amount.

The brand has two types of products. The regular ones have the same amount of caffeine as 8 oz of the best-selling coffee.

The extra strength ones, on the other hand, are a little more powerful with an extra 4 oz than the regular ones.

It’s important to note that coffee contains a lot of caffeine, so be cautious, especially if you enjoy drinking a lot of coffee.

Caffeine can make you very alert, so don’t overdo it. If you want to learn how to use it properly, go to the official website.

5-Hour Energy Sponsorship

Living Essentials, LLC, the producer of 5-Hour Energy products has shown support for the eSports community.

It entered into a partnership with Counter Logic Gaming, an eSports organization based in North America. It has sent its rosters to various tournaments.

The sponsorship shows that the company has a major appreciation for those involved in the community.

The deal included the rebranding of a CLG team to 5-Hour Energy® House. The team was also provided with custom branding.

Another point in the deal was that CLG was appointed to launch the ‘Choose Your Extra Strength’ campaign, in which fans contributed by giving their votes on a favorite jersey design.

The jersey was planned for reveal at the NA LCS Summer Split. Apparently, CLG wasn’t the only one that had the opportunity to work with the energy drink producer.

FlyQuest has also been added to its list of clients. The support came in the form of jersey branding, social media promotion, and more.

Apply to 5-Hour Energy Sponsorship

If you’re an affiliate hunter, you’ll have the widest smile when finding out that this company does have this program.

But according to the details, it wants you to be passionate about the brand and products. At least be informed of the products before you start promoting them.

There are many pluses about the products that can help entice buyers. First, they’re easy to consume.

They also have no added sugar and contain only 4 calories.

Energy drinks are supposed to give an energy boost, while the extra calories are not of high importance.

With these products, your customers can reap the benefits without stressing over calorie intake. And there are other useful additions, such as amino acids and B-Vitamins.

There are many perks that this program has to offer. Apart from product discounts, you can also earn a commission on each generated sale.

The rate isn’t disclosed, though. You’ll probably learn about it once approved as a member.

Members may also be invited to be the first testers of new flavors and products. To join, please fill out the form here.