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Xidax Gaming Sponsorship 2022

In choosing a gaming PC, one of the biggest challenges is to decide between a custom PC and a prebuilt one.

For a moderate gamer who doesn’t care too much about specs, a prebuilt PC might be more appealing because it’s less time consuming.

However, there’s a sense of accomplishment when you can create your own PC.

This is why many people go down this route.

Whatever the case might be, Xidax is a brand you can trust for quality. As we know, quality isn’t something you can fake because it’s assessed using objective measures.

So when a brand has a rep for being great, then you should also put your trust in it. Xidax is one of those reputable brands.


The products are crafted with high precision. Building PCs to them isn’t just about putting together components, but how you pour your heart into the making process.

Hence, don’t be surprised to find out that Xidax is among the top-rated PC builders in the industry.

Not only does it put much effort into perfecting every unit, but it also performs rigorous tests to ensure that the machine remains functional the moment it’s arrived at the buyer’s house.

image credit: pcbuildsonabudget.com

Xidax Sponsorship

Xidax isn’t new to gaming sponsorships. If you have a popular Youtube channel, you can try your luck at the program.

Contact them while providing details that may increase your competitive edge over other applicants.

Are you familiar with these names?

  • EmmaStunnaXOXO: She plays video games, but considers herself more as a casual gamer. She used to be a console girl and has tapped into the PC gaming industry for a while. Her content is focused on streaming video games.
  • IDDQD: He took the world by storm thanks to his McCree play in the beta and early pro scene. Ever since he set up an account on Twitch, his fanbase has been constantly growing. He’s mostly known for his unique hitscan abilities. That wasn’t much of a surprise because he had started at a young age.
  • JT MUSIC: This was actually intended to be a way for Skull and Pat to communicate. Together they make incredible music which they dedicate to games they adore. Besides, they also do it for the culture.

These are just few people that Xidax has partnered with.

If you want to be in their shoes, it might be possible. Just reach out to them and submit an application.

Apply to Xidax Sponsorship

Xidax also has a referral program for those who want to earn extra money from referring people to the site.

Of course, a transaction has to be completed before you’re eligible for a commission.

You can potentially earn 3% on each sale, which is a common rate for such a program. Here are the steps to take:

  • Set a Youtube or Livestream account. This will be used as a marketing tool.
  • Open this URL, and then fill in the necessary fields. Don’t worry, there’s nothing too personal in the form.
  • Hit the ‘Become a Teamx Sponsored Partner’ button.
  • Wait until they reply back.
  • Once approved, you can start a promo plan. The more units bought through the link, the more you can earn.