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Origin PC Gaming Sponsorship 2022

Custom gaming PCs are a hot trend especially with the rise of eSports in the past few years.

Why should you build your own PC?

Well, it has many benefits. Besides getting a machine with power and performance you exactly dream of, it’s also deemed more cost-efficient.

If you’re in search of a brand to create a custom gaming machine, Origin PC is here to provide assistance. The company is committed to giving every customer the best experience they could from a gaming machine.

It can help you build from scratch.

For those who are totally new to custom PCs, good customer support is mandatory, and it’s what’s the company is trying to deliver.

By the way, Origin PC isn’t just about gaming. There’s also a section on the site where you can discover workstation desktops.

Basically, it doesn’t matter if you need a powerful gaming computer or a blistering fast machine for day-to-day work, Origin PC can make it happen.

On top of that, quality is not a cause for concern given that the company has been around for over a decade, first founded in 2009.

Origin PC Sponsorship

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Origin PC invites you to become its affiliates especially those with a strong passion for custom PCs.

If you pay close attention, it’s easy to notice that many similar programs require partners to have a passion for custom PCs or something along those lines.

Well, that’s understandable because not everyone is into building computers from scratch. Some would rather buy one that’s fully assembled. With passion for the niche, at least you’ll be more connected with your clients.

When it comes to requirements, Origin PC asks an applicant to prepare a social media account prior to submission.

A Twitch or Youtube channel can also be an alternative. Or do you run a website with a relevant topic?

If you want to monetize it, this affiliate program may be great for you.

The page doesn’t specify the amount you’ll earn for each sale. It just states that commissions may vary and the staff needs to review each application before revealing that info.

There are some prominent figures that have joined the program, such as LevelCapGaming, Bajheera, and SWIFTY.

If you consider yourself a fan or a loyal customer of Origin PC, then it’s a good idea to promote it and earn some money in return.

Apply to Origin PC Sponsorship

Enrolling in the program is easy. All you have to do is fill out a form available here.

There’s nothing too specific about the fields, anyway. You just have to input common information like name, email address, a password, etc.

You may find it a bit more extensive, but it’s still common enough that it won’t put your privacy at risk.

Social media accounts, numbers of followers, all these details are often asked in an affiliate form because they will be used to measure your chance of being invited into the program.

Once they give their stamp of approval, it’s about time until the team replies back with details about the partnership and the affiliate account.

That’s it, you can now earn a commission on the referral sales.