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eNgage Gaming Sponsorship 2022

It’s everybody’s dream to be great at something. This applies to being a gamer, too.

It takes more than just determination and dedication to master a game. Proper nutrient intake is also necessary.

Why? Because the brain feeds on the nutrients we consume daily. Anything we take will have an impact on the growth of this organ.

Now there are many products created to help gamers boost their gaming performance. Do they work?

Well, it depends on the ingredients. If a product contains ingredients known for altering processes in the brain, then it should technically work.

eNgage is one of the brands we’d recommend for gaming supplements. It emphasizes 3 things.

First, the products are 100% natural. Second, they act as powerful nootropics. And third, they contain high levels of antioxidants.

So, what makes them so powerful?

Phytolin, which comes from sugar cane, is known for having a lot of antioxidants in it.

There’s also Ginkgo Biloba, which is one of the traditional medicines that can help people remember and stay focused.

Another great thing to add is maca root, which also has great benefits. It’s a well-known energy boost.

That’s all?

Well, there are many more, such as cranberries, acai berries, and green coffee beans. So, putting them together makes a very powerful formula.

eNgage sponsorship

The company has partnered with pro gamers and streamers. It even has a page that compiles the list of partners it’s working with.

There are Gamer profiles there that are linked to their own Twitch accounts.

eNgage Sponsorship
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So, how can you become a partner?

You can go to the page set up for this on the site. If you join, you get 20% off the products, but you can also get a 5% team support fee if the transaction goes well.

As a bonus, you can use its name on social media and on the website.

As far as qualifications go, the most important one is to be a person who has used the goods. And don’t forget to make a website to help people find your content.

Many of the people on the list of partners are Twitch users. Hence, you should think about becoming a Twitch broadcaster on the platform before you sign up.

Apply to eNgage Sponsorship

eNgage has a partner program, which is basically an affiliate program.

It’s easy to sign up and doesn’t require you to have a marketing background.

However, to be successful, you should at least know how to generate traffic to your site and use social media to promote your chosen products.

The page states that members can earn a commission for up to 1 year following a lead.

If that actually refers to the tracking period, then there’s a long time to convert leads into sales.

To join is easy and follows the same steps as any other affiliate program. Once approved as a member, you can start promoting using media provided, such as textual links and banners.

The program offers real-time tracking, so you can keep up with your sales, commissions, and other stats.

This program gives a 15% commission on each sale. Here’s the link to sign up.