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VR headsets have become a fast growing trend now that virtual reality is starting to creep into our everyday lives. VR headsets can be paired with Smartphones and other devices. They can also work in conjunction with virtual reality machines. By the way, these machines are expensive. In case you plan on buying one, make sure it meets all your needs. Learn what the machine is capable of doing, like the technology incorporated and so on. There are VR machines that act as space shooting platforms. Once you get into the VR world, you’ll feel like holding an actual gun with real targets around you. The simulator will display a panoramic view which mimics the view of nature thanks to the advanced technology built into the system.

Choosing a Virtual Reality (VR) Headset

1. Type

There are several types of VR headsets. The first one is tethered headsets. The distinct feature on these devices is a connection cable, which serves to transmit VR signals. Since it has a cable, it’s typically more stable in its connection. The second type is untethered headsets. They have no wire, which means data transfer relies on a Wi-Fi connection. They are pretty much like wireless mice or keyboards. The best thing about a wireless headset is it gives so much flexibility to the user. You can keep a distance from the PC or Smartphone, as long as there’s no obstacle in between, you can still see the content clearly. The third type is Smartphone headsets. Unlike the other two, these headsets mainly act as the display instead of the processing unit. They have a hook to mount your Smartphone. Basically, your Smartphone replaces the role of the display sending VR signals.

2. Content

VR headsets can display a variety of content, including videos, games, to name a few. By figuring out what to see on the headset, you can end up with the most appropriate product. If your priority is gaming, then it’s good to choose a wired headset to avoid latency problems. Or if you want to use it to watch videos, then a wireless version will be a good replacement since this type of content doesn’t demand a realtime response.

3. Play Area

A VR headset takes you to a virtual world where everything feels surreal. There’s no obstacle in sight, which is not the case with the actual play area. Let’s say you want to play in your bedroom, you can’t throw punches carelessly because there could be valuable goods in the room, not the mention that the walls will further confine your movement. With that in mind, please choose a headset that corresponds to the size of the room. All aspects of the headset from content to tracking system need to be tailored to the available space.

Popular VR Brands

1. Oculus

Oculus is one of the most recognizable brands when it comes to virtual headsets. Even to this day it remains a major player in this niche. The Oculus Rift in particular was heralded as one of the first VR headsets to come to the market. The Oculus Rift S and Quest are just good. The Rift S packs a high resolution and lighter body. Unlike the previous model, though, this requires Displayport, which can complicate things if your computer only has an HDMI output.

2. HTC

HTC also deserves a spot on this list. None can deny the immense popularity of Oculus products, but if you need one that’s not from this manufacturer, you can consider the HTC Vive. It has numerous incredible features, too. Besides 2 1080p displays that produce a crystal clear image, it also offers an immersive VR experience. While others can deliver similar experiences, this one in particular is simply breathtaking. Besides, it allows you to move around in an ample space. With all the benefits, it’s probably not the best option for budget-conscious buyers since the product is quite costly.

3. Google

If you’re no stranger to VR headsets, chances are you’ve heard of Google Cardboard. It’s a low cost option of wearing a VR headset. It acts as a frame for a Smartphone which can be turned into a processing unit for VR content. Another product you can consider is the Google Daydream. As with the Cardboard, it also provides a fuss-free solution to those who want to enjoy VR videos. The design is simple, so is the use. The best part is it comes with a handheld remote that allows you to control motion easily.

Popular Virtual Reality (VR) Games

1. Eve: Valkyrie - Warzone

This VR game is compatible with a few VR headsets, such as the PlayStation VR, HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift. Your role in the game is to pilot a spaceship while fighting against the enemies. It offers single-player and multiplayer options. You can also tweak how your ship appears. Although this game is fun, you’ll especially be amazed by the visuals. Every in-game element is crafted with amazing detail, which really boosts the VR experience.

2. Beat Saber

As a music and rhythm game, Beat Saber isn’t something we’ve never seen before. Do you know Guitar Hero? This game is strongly reminiscent of that, but of course it has its own unique elements. The objective of this game is you have to slash sabers to match the music playing. It’s quite challenging as you have to focus on the music while trying to hit blocks popping up along the way.

3. Half-life: Alyx

This game will surprise you like no other. It’s arguably one of the best experiences VR has to offer. The game is engaging although it doesn’t come as no surprise given how determined Valve has always been in involving players in games. If you want to enjoy VR content in its finest form, you can start with this.

Choosing VR or AR

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are two different concepts, but they have something in common. They create a setting that feels like real but is actually not. The difference is with virtual reality, a headset is necessary to take you to a virtual world. Augmented reality also takes advantage of technology albeit in a different way. You know Pokémon GO, don’t you? Although the hype has died down, in its heyday this game really caught everyone’s attention. It’s one of the most famous applications of AR. In a nutshell, augmented reality adds things to a real-life view. Both are highly innovative and offer unique experiences, so take time to choose between a VR headset or an AR device.

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