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It takes time and effort to build a great gaming setup. A gaming mouse might not look like the most important part of a gaming rig, but it still has a huge impact on gaming experience. Choosing a wrong mouse can lead to discomfort, which in turn affects your chances of defeating the enemies and winning the match. No matter if you’re a beginner or has a long experience in pro-gaming, a quality mouse will always be necessary. And fortunately, gaming mice are easy to find these days. They come in all shapes and sizes, so you have plenty of choices from budget mice to high-end models.

Choosing a Gaming Mouse

Grip Type

Grip type needs to be tailored to the needs. In selecting a mouse, there are a few factors to take into account, like the size of your hand, contours, etc. In general, mice come in 3 different grip types. The first one is palm grip, which as the name implies provides support to the palm. With this mouse, your palm will come in direct contact with the top of mouse. Thanks to this construction, grip type mice can be quite large. There is also claw grip which provides support to the fingers. When you use this mouse, your hand will be in a claw-like position. The third type which is the fingertip grip also provides support to the fingers, but the difference is your palm doesn’t touch the posterior of the mouse.


A good gaming mouse goes beyond having advanced gaming features. A simple factor like size can also be a deal-breaker to some. Imagine using a heavy mouse, you’ll probably not make it past 3 hours especially when the game is too fun that you keep moving your hand around. Companies are trying their best to shed weight off their products, so why should you go for a heavy one? It just doesn’t make sense. While it’s true that a heavy mouse feels more solid, it can be a limiting factor if you want to get into professional gaming.

Programmable Buttons

Programmable buttons are important because they act as shortcuts to saved skills and profiles. They will be useful for offline games, but probably not so much for online gaming as rules can be so strict to prevent cheating. Not every mouse has to be packed with buttons to offer this feature. In fact, the common buttons like left and right clicks can also be assigned to commands. The more programmable buttons included, the more macros you can save, so instead of hitting the same keys over and over again, they can save you time and hassle.

Advantages of a Gaming Mouse

Gaming mice appeal to gamers because they come with features that aren’t typically present in traditional mice. For example, they offer several form factors. In addition to the usual lie-flat-on-the-pad designs, they also come in vertical designs. Vertical mice are unique because they stretch upwards, making them noticeably taller than regular mice. They have many advantages, like putting your in a natural position to reduce fatigue. If you want to play longer, this makes a good option although you have to get used to its unusual button placement. Another selling point of a gaming mouse is the micro support. Who said programmable keys are available only in keyboards? A similar feature can also be found in a gaming mouse. Some even has a thumb button configuration which is usually located on the left side. There you should see multiple buttons placed close together that can be assigned to skills and profiles. Moreover, gaming mice are also lightweight. Manufacturers put effort into making their mice as lightweight as possible because they know weight is closely linked to hand fatigue. If you need mouse that doesn’t put a strain on your wrist after prolonged use, buy one made for gaming.

Gamer Mice Features


Of all features that a gaming mouse can have, DPI adjustment is one that many gamers ask for the most. DPI or Dots Per Inch gives you the freedom to adjust the sensitivity of a mouse. It can be useful when you play different games. But to be fair, it can be just as useful for office work. Not everyone likes an overly sensitive mouse that drags the pointer to the far end with little physical movement. Some prefer to set it to moderate. Even in gaming, this specific setting also helps. Low sensitivity makes it easier for us to lock a target.

Polling Rate

Polling rate is another important aspect of a gaming mouse that you don’t usually find in regular mice. It shows how much responsive a mouse is relative to the cursor movement. In this case, a higher polling rate is preferred because that means a mouse reports its position to the computer more frequently. There are some common figures, such as 125, 250, 500, and 1000Hz. Although beneficial, it’s worth-noting that a high rate also demands more resources, so better be careful with it.


Many gaming mice are made for everyone, not just right-handed gamers. Ambidextrous mice have symmetrical designs where the left and right sides are indistinguishable. If you happen to be left-handed, using a mouse made for right hand use could be troublesome unless you’ve learnt to work around it. Luckily, this is no longer a problem. All you have to do is buy a mouse with an ambidextrous design. 

PC Gaming Setups

Does a mouse matter for a PC gaming setup? It does although it rarely becomes the center of attention whenever this topic is brought up. It’s always about the CPU, GPU, RAM, storage, monitor, motherboard, etc. Well, it’s understandable because all these elements influence performance, but we shouldn’t overlook the role of a mouse. Without a mouse, it will be difficult to play especially games like FPS. A keyboard isn’t a replacement for a mouse because they have different feels. Basically, don’t forget about the mouse if you plan on building your own gaming setup. Whether it’s a budget or luxurious setup, a mouse will always be a standard addition.

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