Silent Click Wired Optical Gaming Mouse
FORKA Silent Click USB Wired Gaming Mouse 6 Buttons 3200DPI Mute Optical Computer Mouse Gamer Mice for PC Laptop Notebook Game
FORKA Silent Click USB Wired Gaming Mouse 6 Buttons 3200DPI Mute Optical Computer Mouse Gamer Mice for PC Laptop Notebook Game
FORKA Silent Click USB Wired Gaming Mouse 6 Buttons 3200DPI Mute Optical Computer Mouse Gamer Mice for PC Laptop Notebook Game
FORKA Silent Click USB Wired Gaming Mouse 6 Buttons 3200DPI Mute Optical Computer Mouse Gamer Mice for PC Laptop Notebook Game
FORKA Silent Click USB Wired Gaming Mouse 6 Buttons 3200DPI Mute Optical Computer Mouse Gamer Mice for PC Laptop Notebook Game

Silent Wired Gaming Mouse – 6 Buttons Ergonomic Design

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Product Details
Product Details


Silent click mouse with colorful lights in a stylish design fit for gamers. With top of the line features that will create an ultimate gaming experience!

✅  SILENT CLICK: Special soundless design for the right and left click buttons, you can use it in your office to build a quiet office atmosphere.

6 BUTTONS: Scroll wheel, page forward, page backward, left button, right button, DPI key. When you browse web pages, you can click the side (forward/backward) buttons to go to the next or previous page.

LED LIGHT-UP FEATURE: 4 soothing LED colors change alternately, cannot be set to one specific color, Press DPI button and forward/backward button to turn on/off the LED light.

ADJUSTABLE DPI: 1200/2000/2400/3200 DPI free switch. Dots per inch (DPI) is a measurement of how sensitive a mouse is. The higher DPI, the farther the cursor on your screen will move when you move the mouse.

ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Fits comfortably and naturally in hands. Internally and externally, to create the ultimate gaming/working experience, long-term use without fatigue.



Net weight: about 140g


Cable length: Approx 1.5m



Is silent wired mouse good?

A silent mouse can come in handy in certain situations, like at work where you probably don’t want to bother people with your clicky mouse. But for gaming, the tactile feedback turns out to be a desired feature. Many people want their keyboard and mouse to create an audible sound. Basically, whether a silent mouse is good or not, it all comes down to personal preference. If you want to play games in a quiet environment, this type of mouse will help given that it can reduce the clicking sound dramatically. Despite the lower noise output, they don’t differ much from regular mice. All the features a regular mouse has, you can also find them in a silent mouse.

What makes a mouse click?

A lot goes into the process of a click sound being made, but it’s reminiscent of how a keyboard works. There’s a small switch inside a mouse. The sound that it produces isn’t originally loud, but the way the mouse is designed helps amplify that sound, making it audible to us. Besides a switch, there’s also a big pad in the mouse. Combined with a hollow cavity, the sound would become louder. The resonance of the sound is what makes it stronger to the ear. Another thing that comes into play is pressure put on the pad. You can try to press on the left or right click strongly. A louder sound will follow shortly after.

Is there a quiet clicking mouse?

Yes. A mouse isn’t typically noisy, but when we need to focus on our work, even a light clicking sound can be bothering. If you’re wondering how a mouse can produce a lower sound output, it results from a combination of factors. The first one is the scrolling. A silent mouse is equipped with a mechanical encoder, not an optical one. This is effective for muffling sound. The second feature is the switch. As we know, the switch type plays a big role in the sound of a keyboard. A similar mechanism applies to a mouse. To reduce noise, rubber initiators are often incorporated. The use of rubber greatly reduces the loud sound. And then, the echo chamber effect is also considered. The average mouse has a hollow part inside. It creates a chamber that serves to produce an echo. As a result, a sound will be much clearer when it vibrates in the empty chamber. To make a mouse quieter, this design is tweaked a little bit. Plastic ribs may be used to fill the empty space, so no echo will come following a click.

Is Bluetooth or wireless mouse better for gaming?

The most appealing aspect of a wireless mouse is the flexibility. Since it has no wire, it won’t create clutter, but is it a better pick for gaming? Not necessarily. Gaming requires responsive feedback, so a silent wired mouse seems to be a better fit. It’s ahead in terms of input lag. Besides, you don’t have to worry about remaining power because it doesn’t operate on a battery. On the other hand, a wireless mouse can be a great substitute if you look for a compact design. Without a cord, you don’t have to worry about tangles. It also helps make the workstation look more organized. But if you need a mouse specifically for gaming, then the wired counterpart is more reasonable for reasons already mentioned. Or you can also opt for a high-end Bluetooth mouse. Although a wireless mouse can suffer serious lag issues, they’re improved on more expensive models.

How do I silence my mouse clicks?

This requires disassembly. There are a few tools to prepare, like a knife and a screwdriver. Open up the mouse by removing the screws. Once you see the internal components, try to find the switches. Although every mouse is designed differently, they all utilize switches, from which the clicking sound comes from. Using the knife, open up the switch. Use the pointy end of the knife to do that. Twist it a little until the connected parts separate. And then, press down the tab, so that the gap becomes narrower. It should make a change to the sound. When you’re satisfied with the new sound, you can assemble it again.

How many clicks can a mouse last?

Mice can endure up to 20 million clicks on average, but some products can last longer thanks to the robust designs. This information is usually included in the product page, so don’t miss it. How many months do those millions equate to? Depending on the use, you may be able to use a mouse for over 5 years.


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