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Although gaming mics are intended for gaming, they are versatile enough to be used for different things. A gaming microphone is necessary for gaming because it has been improved in quality to provide you with the most satisfactory experience. Not only does it have impeccable sound quality, but it also offers features that will greatly help with gaming and streaming. Are they expensive? Some are pricey, but there’s a product for everyone, so don’t worry. Inexpensive mics tend to have lower sound quality, but that’s to be expected. If you wish for the best performance, then don’t hesitate to spend more. How important is a standalone mic for gaming? For podcasting, it’s quite mandatory. But for gaming, the mic on your headset is probably sufficient. You can always upgrade for better quality, though.

Choosing a Gaming Mic

1. Budget

Choosing a gaming mic isn’t easy if you’re on a budget as you have to exclude high-end models. Fortunately, there are still quite a lot of options out there. Some are priced under $50. However, you should also be more realistic because a cheap mic isn’t likely to come with advanced features. As long as it can do the most basic tasks, it’s all that matters.

2. Type

Are you interested in a dynamic mic? This mic is incredibly tough. It can survive a fall from a high point. Durability obviously matters for a gaming mic because you’ll use it frequently. A quality mouse can withstand wear and tear very well. Another thing that stands out from dynamic mics is their low sensitivity. While this seems like a bad thing, it’s actually not. Being less sensitive makes it versatile, allowing you to record in environments full of loud sounds. There are also condenser mics, which are the exact opposite of dynamic mics in terms of sensitivity. These ones are typically pricier, but at the same time have awesome quality to fall back on. If you want to buy one, keep up the maintenance because it’s somewhat fragile. Without proper care, you’d shorten the lifespan. When it comes to quality, these mics are on a league of their own. They can pick up sound clearly and accurately.

3. Gaming Setup

A mic needs to also be tailored to your current gaming setup. Let’s say you play on a desktop computer, a USB microphone would be a terrific choice. It isn’t of lesser quality compared to other mics, so you can count on it. Take a look at your gaming station and see if it holds too many accessories already. If so, there’s no need to overcrowd the space with a sophisticated mic. Unless there’s enough room to install a large mic, simple will always be better. For gaming on a console, a 3.5mm mic can be an option, but it’s worth-noting that this type of mic usually works in docked mode. Therefore, make sure you know how to set it up correctly.

Advantages of Gaming Mics

1. Easy to install

A USB mic is easy to install. All you have to do is plug it into a USB port. Whether it’s a laptop or a computer, as long as there’s a free port available, you can use it. Besides, some mics don’t require installing additional software. They are ready to be used right out of the box.

2. Clear sound

Another advantage of using a microphone specifically built for gaming is it can pick up sound with excellent clarity. While it’s true that mics vary in quality, they usually put more emphasis on audio performance. Even if you need a mic for day-to-day use, a gaming mic will still be a great pick because it’s made with high quality standards. Hence, it will work for different applications, like singing, podcasting, and recording videos.

3. Versatile

Gaming mics are versatile. You can transport them easily especially the ones that sport compact designs. If you need a gaming mic to carry everywhere, choose one that comes in a detachable set. These type of mics are comprised of several items. Aside from the mic, you’ll also find a base and other complementary supplies in the set. Speaking of versatility, a gaming mic can be an all-in-one solution. If you’re a gamer and also passionate about recording and broadcasting, this mic will help.

Gamer Mics Features

1. Noise Reduction

Gaming mics can have awesome features like noise reduction. As the name implies, the noise reduction technology helps remove unwanted background noise. There are times when we want a mic to only pick up sound you’re focused on and omit ambient noise. Luckily, with this feature, you can do that. There’s no more distracting noise heard throughout the recording.

2. Shock Mount

A mic can also feature a built-in shock mount. While this is not the most essential feature to exist in gaming microphones, it still helps if you keep accidently elbowing or moving the mic. Or you may need to use it while in motion. Under such circumstances, this feature will surely come in handy. The sound of shock can be picked up by the microphone especially when it’s quite sensitive, but with this, that wouldn’t be a problem.

3. Record to Computer

A gaming mic can give you the ease of recording right to your desktop computer. There’s no need to save the data temporarily on storage. Just hit the record button and it will save on local storage once it’s finished. It makes everything easier. You can proceed to editing, so it saves you time and effort. Additionally, a gaming mic can also have a wide frequency response to ensure clarity and transparency.

Gaming PC Accessories Setup

It takes time to build a gaming PC setup because there’s a lot to prepare. Besides selecting a design or arrangement, you should also think of items to add to the setup. Is a mic an essential addition? It depends on whether you have a quality mic or not. If the mic built into your headset isn’t good enough, buying a freestanding microphone can be a solution. Make sure it fits the space. If the gaming setup is almost full with accessories, a portable mic is a good idea. Small isn’t necessarily bad, anyway. A small mic can also produce HD sound with the right components.

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