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Gaming earphones don’t look much different from regular earphones except they offer features to boost your gaming experience. Since there are a lot of products out there, take time to choose one that meets all your requirements. Sound quality is obviously the most important thing to consider. A cool design means nothing if earphones don’t produce a hi-fi sound. The composition of bass and treble should also be balanced or tailored to your taste. Not everyone likes listening to music that’s bass-heavy. For this reason, don’t rush to buy a product before you’re sure about the audio quality. Do some prior research to know what to expect from a product.

Gaming headset or gaming earphone?

Are gaming earphones better than headphones? They are quite different in terms of form factor, so there should be significant differences in how you experience them. Headphones offer an immersive sound because the entire pads engulf your ears. Besides, headphones also come with active noise cancellation that can efficiently block noise coming from the environment. That’s not to say that earphones are inferior. Both have pros and cons. With earphones, the buds wedge into the outer part of the ear. You can feel like something is getting stuck in your ear canal. In terms of comfort, you may have to adjust the position to make sure the passive noise cancellation works properly. Earphones are actually convenient especially when you want to play while on the go. They’re much lighter than a pair of headphones. However, you should also choose carefully since these audio devices come in numerous styles.

Gamer earphone features

1. Ergonomic pads

Gaming earphones have ergonomic pads that fit into the outer of your ear canal. They conform to the contours of the ear to provide maximum comfort. There’s no need to buy headphones in order to feel an immersive sound. With the right design, earphones can also provide that unique experience.

2. Excellent audio

Great audio isn’t exclusive to gaming earphones, but it’s one of its specialties. If you are looking for earphones that deliver excellent audio, just buy one made for gaming. These devices take sound quality to the next level unlike like that of cheaper earbuds.

3. Multi-platform support

Most earphones are by default compatible with standard auxiliary jacks. The good news is gaming earphones often go further with the support. Thanks to the flexible sound drivers, now you can listen to music on various platforms.

4. Driver

Drivers are hardware that produces sound in a pair of headphones. The larger the size, the more drivers can be accommodated. They all work for different frequency ranges. When headphones use multiple, it will have an impact on sound quality as every element can be heard clearly. The problem is earphones are smaller than headphones, so there’s little space to keep multiple drivers. To overcome this, they are created larger. Why? Large drivers are good at producing higher output although it’s doesn’t always equate to quality.

Gamer headset features

1. Circumaural and supra-aural

Circumaural headsets have padding that engulfs the ear. They’re also referred to as over ear headphones. If you need headphones that can block ambient noise, these are a great pick. The thick cushioning can be made of a soundproof material to minimize leaking. This way, you can focus listening to the music. They also feel comfortable to wear as long as the pads encircle your ears properly. On the other hand, supra-aural headphones are usually smaller since they rest on the ear, not surrounding it entirely. Is this design comfortable to wear? Yes, it still provides comfort, but it has a few caveats, like it is not that reliable for muffling sounds. If you’re highly concerned about sound isolation, the former can do a better job. 

2. Noise cancellation

Noise-cancelling headphones have been growing in popularity in recent years. People are starting to realize the importance of quietness in gaming. This awesome feature works in two ways. The first one is using a material or thick padding that has the ability to block out background noise. The second method is called active noise cancellation. As the name suggests, ANS actively filters out ambient noise by means of technology. It first identifies the sounds coming from the environment and then creates frequencies to counter them. Once the waves cancel each other, the noise will subside. 

3. Wireless

The perk of using wireless headphones is you don’t have to worry about tangles. Basically, these headphones give you the ultimate freedom. They can be a few meters apart from your laptop or Smartphone and the sound can still be heard. The same can’t be said about corded headphones. Besides, they don’t disappoint in audio quality. Just because they have no wire doesn’t mean they fall short in this department. High-end wireless headphones, for instance, can deliver crystal clear sound despite having no wire to transmit the electrical signal.

Gaming PC accessories setup

There are many accessories available to outfit your gaming PC setup, like stereo speakers, a 4K monitor, an ergonomic keyboard, etc. Should you add gaming earphones, too? Yes, but headphones are probably more convenient if you want to play in a room. The best thing about earphones is the mobility. You can carry them around since they’re lightweight. If you are yet to buy one of these, then decide which one you’re going to buy. Although heavy, headsets can form a tight seal to block unwanted noise. They also feel comfortable to wear especially the over-ear variants. Need more advice on accessories for your gaming setup? A gaming controller is a good idea. Even if you’ve been comfortable enough using the keyboard and mouse, a controller can be a savior whenever you want to try something new. A controller offers a different experience than a mouse, so you can’t really replace one with the other. A WiFi router is another great addition. This is especially important if you play online games a lot. Online gaming needs a stable internet connection in which a router can help. You can install more than one in case you use WiFi a lot. This way, you can access internet anywhere around the house.

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