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That gaming can be addictive is an undisputed fact. Many people don’t even realize how much time they spend playing video games. While fun, this habit can adversely impact eye health. That’s because digital screens produce blue light and glare that can tire the eyes out. Digital eye strain is often experienced by those who stare at screens for extended periods of time. To minimize the effect of harmful wavelengths, gaming glasses are the solution. They have unique coatings to filter out blue light, which may contribute to the worsening of vision. Fortunately, gaming glasses are easy to find. They can be recognized from the yellow tint on the lenses. By the way, yellow-tinted glasses aren’t the only variant available. There are also clear glasses that can provide similar protection. These are perfect for those who want to enjoy colors in their true quality. Choosing a Gaming Glasses

1. Blue light protection

Gaming glasses can keep you safe from harmful blue light, but make sure that this protection exists as it takes a special coating to get that benefit. The specs of a product can explain what glasses are capable of doing, including whether they have blue light protection or not. Does this feature drive up the price? Not necessarily, it has become a standard in many gaming glasses. For those unaware, blue light is bad because it’s responsible for the decline of eye function. It can lead to macular degeneration, cataracts, and other problems.

2. Tint

Gaming glasses have a recognizable amber tint, but they are not the only option available. There are also glasses with clear lenses. Please get to know the difference since they vary in protection. Yellow-tinted lenses turn out to be better at increasing contrast, making it easier to see in low-light conditions. Besides, they don’t come up short in blue light protection. The only thing that bothers people is this tint tends to distort or change the way we perceive colors.

3. Design

Another thing to consider is design. For the record, gaming glasses aren’t fashion glasses, so it’s understandable that they aren’t available in very stylish designs. The good news is many glasses sport versatile designs that they work for any outfit and theme. Is it okay to buy gaming glasses for their design? It’s not a problem, but being realistic will save you from frustration. Remember that these items are made for protection and comfort, so design shouldn’t be the highest priority. That being said, shape and size still matter. If the frame is too small or the shape doesn’t go well with your face shape, they could be uncomfortable to wear.

Advantages of Gaming Glasses

1. Reduce eye strain

People who spend much time on their laptop often complain about eye strain. Gamers are no exception. If you find yourself getting eye fatigue frequently, that means you stare at bright screens for too long. The higher the brightness, the quicker it will induce eye fatigue. To delay the onset, gaming glasses are a good solution. They have special coatings that filter harmful wavelengths and glare, so that light emitted from digital screens doesn’t tire out your eyes quickly.

2. Better gaming experience

These glasses are made with gaming in mind, but how do they help? The yellowish tint has a lot to do with it besides the advanced coatings of course. Since an amber tint adds contrast to shapes, it will be easier for you to recognize enemies on the screen. Keep in mind that in-game elements are often marked by different colors, so this will greatly help. With gaming glasses, you don’t have to worry about mistaking teammates for enemies.

3. Prevent headaches

Digital eye strain manifests as a range of symptoms, one of which is headaches. Prolonged on-screen time can lead to this problem. If you don’t want to have a headache each time you play games, then put on gaming glasses especially when it is triggered by oversensitivity to light.

Gamer Glasses Features

1. Light filtration

Gaming glasses protect your vision by limiting the amount of light coming into your eyes. As we know, digital eye strain is closely linked to overexposure to light. By wearing these glasses, you can filter out harmful light spectrum. Each product provides a different level of protection, so take time to choose the most fitting one.

2. Clip on

Some gaming glasses can be clipped onto reading glasses. In other words, there’s no need to take off your current glasses if you want to get similar benefits. Buy glasses that have a clip, so that you can place them over your glasses. There are also oversized glasses. They are the same in the sense that you don’t have to remove your glasses first. The large size makes it easy to use them with prescription glasses.

3. Anti-reflective coating

Anti-reflective coating takes away glare from lenses. Besides, this special coating also comes with added benefits, like oil and water resistance. Why is AR coating important? It reduces reflections to a minimum, which means people can see through the lens especially in bright environments. Instead of seeing reflections, they will be able to see your eyes clearly.

Stylish Gaming Glasses

Gaming glasses don’t have to be stylish, but some are made with great aesthetics. If you want to wear glasses as a fashion statement, then choose a pair that has a unique frame. Design-wise, gaming glasses aren’t as diverse as glasses made specially for this purpose, but there are quite a lot of choices still. And don’t just pay attention to the design. There are many others things that are equally important, like color, shape, and size. You’d want the glasses to rest comfortably on your nose, not putting much pressure on it because this can cause pain. The frame also needs to be made of a lightweight material as this affects comfort. How do you know your glasses are on the heavier side? If they leave a deep imprint, it could indicate the glasses are a bit too heavy. It could be the frame or lens. Ideally, they need be as light as possible to reduce the total weight of the glasses.More from The Blog  




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