Anti Blue Light Clip on Glasses
Mayitr Anti Blue Ray Anti-fatigue Glasses Blue Light Blocking Clip On Glasses 2 Colors For Computer Protection Gaming Glasses
Mayitr Anti Blue Ray Anti-fatigue Glasses Blue Light Blocking Clip On Glasses 2 Colors For Computer Protection Gaming Glasses
Mayitr Anti Blue Ray Anti-fatigue Glasses Blue Light Blocking Clip On Glasses 2 Colors For Computer Protection Gaming Glasses
Anti Blue Light Clip on Glasses

Clip-On Gaming Glasses

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Product Details
Product Details


Do you love gaming? And…

Deal with dry eyes?

Have trouble sleeping?

Want to improve your gaming skills?


Than this DEAL is for you!

Every gamer needs our Anti Blue Light Clip-On Gaming Glasses! 

BETTER PERFORMANCE – Blocking out the Blue Light from your screen allows you to focus on your game completely without any of the problems mentioned below.

IMPROVE YOUR SLEEP – Screens prevent you from quickly falling into a restful sleep, especially by messing with your daily cycle, this is caused by the Blue Light. By blocking it you can fall asleep very quickly and enjoy a perfect night rest to wake up refreshed and focus completely on your game.

PROTECT YOUR EYES –  Exposing your eyes to the Blue Light can lead to fatigue and stress. However if you block out the Blue Light it will be really satisfying for your eyes and you are able to focus much longer on your game without any side effects.



Clip-On Gaming Features:

Lightweight frame and comfortable to wear;

Works well blocking blue light ultraviolet when using computer, smartphone and iPad Reduces eye strain;

Fashionable in style;

Gives relief when you’re having a headache and/or dry eyes; and

Suitable for both men and women.


Clip-On Gaming Specifications:

Condition — Brand New and High Quality
Dimension — Lens: 56mm x 37mm; Bridge: 14mm; Frame: 127mm
Type — Blue Light Blocking Glasses

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Note: If clip-on is not your style and you would rather use a regular gaming glasses you can check our brand new model here.

Do gaming glasses do anything?

Absolutely, the way they’re designed make these glasses suitable to prevent digital eye strain. They have coatings that can block blue light and glare. Hence, problems associated with prolonged exposure to both factors can be relieved, including dry eye, strain, and headaches. Vision problems are a huge concern in gaming. Without proper care, not only mild symptoms as mentioned before, but more serious problems like nearsightedness might be inevitable. If you are obsessed with video games, do something to protect your vision. One of the methods people use nowadays is gaming glasses. They have shown to help extend game time thanks to the protective coatings.

Are gaming glasses worth it?

Yes, but it also depends on the quality. Gaming glasses come in a range of prices. The more expensive models usually have better quality, like they provide more thorough protection against blue light. Cheaper ones aren’t inherently bad, but you shouldn’t expect top-notch features. Quality should be the highest priority since gaming glasses are health-related equipment. When you pick the right ones, they can ease symptoms that come with excessive gaming, like blurry vision and headaches. Some products are tinted, which aims to heighten contrast. Tinted glasses especially yellow ones might be a better choice overall because the improved contrast allows you to differentiate colors better. This is especially useful in fast-paced games.

Are blue light glasses good for gaming?

Blue light glasses are an umbrella term which covers gaming glasses. What sets gaming glasses apart from others is that they come with features that benefit gamers, one of which is tinted lenses. Without the amber tone, they look exactly like other blue light glasses. So, are they interchangeable? Yes, you can use regular glasses for gaming, but the lack of yellow tint might put you at a disadvantage while playing certain games. This tint is known for blocking the upper spectrum of blue light, so if you need well-rounded protection, this variety would be a great option.

Are gaming glasses bad for your eyes?

Nope, quite the opposite actually. Gaming glasses are created to prevent vision problems. Damage to the cells in the retina could happen gradually over the course of a few years if blue light keeps reaching this part in higher concentrations. As we know, blue light is a risk factor for macular degeneration and other vision problems. To prevent them, wearing gaming glasses is a good decision. They act as a shield against harmful wavelengths. Since they are filtered out before they get the chance to pass through the cornea, damage can be prevented.

Should I choose clip ons over regular gaming glasses?

There are gaming glasses that you can wear directly. And there are also frameless models. The frameless ones often come with a clip on to let you attach them onto your current glasses. What’s the point of wearing 2 glasses, though? Well, if you are wearing prescription glasses, then replacing with blue light glasses is an option. Regular blue light glasses don’t help you see because they are non-prescription. To solve this, choose clip-on ones, so that you can put them over the current glasses. Besides the clip-on style, there are also oversized glasses. They are created extra large for the same exact reason. You should put them over reading glasses.

What should I look for in clip on gaming glasses?

Since they clip onto reading glasses, the first thing to consider is the size. Choose glasses that fit, not too small or large. Besides size, the UV and blue light filtration is also important. Not all gaming glasses are created equal. Some can filter a broader spectrum of blue light and UV light. If you need maximum protection, opt for glasses that have lower transmittance for harmful wavelengths. However, too low isn’t good, either. Blocking too much light can do more harm than good in the long run, so choose wisely. Additionally, you can also look for AR coating. This specific coating helps with glare, which is a common problem with digital screens. When glare is reduced to a minimum, the strain will also lessen. As a result, you can look at the screen without hurting your eyes. AR coating is one of the common coatings in blue light glasses. However, you still need to make sure that it’s included by reading the specs. As the name implies, anti-reflective coating aims to get rid of reflection. When you wear glasses with this layer, people will be able to see through the lens. In other words, they will see your eyes instead of reflections on the lens.


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